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Start Your Day Right With an Optimized Morning Routine

Life can be crazy and hectic. Sometimes, this is out of our control. Other times, the craziness of a fast-paced lifestyle can be minimized by simple additions to your daily routines. We all have the tools needed to decrease stress in our lives, yet many of us tell ourselves our chronic stress is a hopeless battle.

I am here to tell you that this is not true and there are many ways you can make life a lot easier on yourself! One way to do so is by creating the best morning routine you can, which is the topic of this article. We will be going over what is a morning routine, how to create one and optimize it, and a few benefits that come along with doing so.

Let’s jump right in!

What is a morning routine?

Essentially, a morning routine is a collection of activities you pre-plan and perform every morning before doing anything else. That means it is the first thing you do after pressing snooze a few times and finally rolling out of bed. Or in my case, pressing snooze literally 10 times, lying in my bed and staring at my ceiling whilst contemplating life before reluctantly leaving my cosy cocoon of blankets.

The motive of this is to set up your day, getting your mind/body prepared for whatever life throws at you! Some of the most successful individuals on the planet urge others to take on a morning routine that works for them as it can be a quite literal life-changing adjustment. Doing this allows your brain and body to wake up, giving you more energy and motivation to take with you throughout the day. All of these things will improve your wellbeing.

Steps to creating the best morning routine for your needs

‘The best morning routine’ looks different for each of us as we are unique individuals with specific needs. However, there are a few tips I can give that will apply to pretty much anyone. Here they are!

1. Reflection/optimize

The first point I have for you is to reflect. Look at how your mornings are now without a daily routine. Assess what your typical morning looks like and the limits that follow it.

When you’ve done this, it will be a lot more clear as to what is worth including in your routine. Before starting a new routine, really pay attention to the state of your mind/body in the morning and throughout the day.

This will tell you if you need to focus on your mind or body more. Eg, if you are usually disorganized, you will notice you need to make time each morning to plan out your day to manage your time better. Optimize, optimize, optimize!

2. Move your body

This is a vital part of so many individuals’ morning routines! Whether this looks like light stretches or a 5k run, moving your body in the morning will inevitably improve the rest of your day.

Get your blood flowing and move, even if they are gentle movements! Moving in the morning will increase brain function throughout the day and provide you with the obvious physical health benefits that come with being active.

If typical exercise isn’t your thing, there are other options. Try putting on one song and dance around, it will improve your day and mood tremendously!

3. Stimulate your brain

Try out different things that wake up your brain. I have always suffered from severe brain fog in the mornings. Listening to an educational audiobook in the morning whilst I do some light yoga is a simple way to wake up my brain as it is forcing it to focus on something.

Doing this whilst I do yoga is also my own little hack to minimizing the time I spend every day completing my morning routine. No matter what you go to for, it is equally as important to stimulate the brain as it is the body.

4. Microdose/take nootropics

This has been such an important part of my morning routine. Taking a microdose along with other nootropics, eg lions mane mushroom has been one of the more impactful additions to my routine.

As I stated above, I have been a victim of chronic brain fog for years… but taking my brain supplements (microdoses/nootropics) combined with my carefully calculated morning routine has been a game-changer.

This gives me the boost I need as both a creative and business-minded individual. I am creative by trade, however, I also have my own company so microdosing alongside nootropics really gives me the extra push I need to get through my day and make all of my deadlines!

5. Plan/Set goals

Something that will really help you set your day up and feel like you have your sh*t together is planning/mapping out your day! Allowing yourself the time every day to set goals and targets for the following day in a non-stressed environment will give you some peace of mind.

Whether you are in business or not, this is a crutial part of many individuals morning routines and it helps in boosting productivity. Not to mention it will also help you stay more focused and on track.

Going about your day with no concrete plans will result in a more hectic feeling day. Plan, set goals, and make lists so you can do your best and perform at your highest ability!

6. Mindfulness

I always like to end my routine with some sort of mindful practice. I make sure that a short meditation is part of both my morning and nighttime routine.

Sometimes, if I have time to spare, I practice stillness or positive journaling. Anything that expands my awareness and allows me to be alone with my own thoughts so I can reflect on them. This brings a wholesome end to my routine, allowing me to dive into my day with a level-headed mind state that is abundant in positivity and gratitude!

I feel it is important to include mindfulness practices in everyday life. Personally, the mornings are the time of day I find most beneficial to do so.

Morning routine benefits

Here are some of the benefits I gain from my morning routine thanks to the above aspects. Practicing a morning routine allows me to:

  • Feel accomplished early on in the day
  • Feel more motivated
  • Increase my blood flow
  • Wake up my brain and body
  • Manage my time/day better
  • Stay in tune with myself
  • Perform better
  • Align with my goals
  • Take time for myself
  • Makes self-discipline more effortless
  • Increase my energy levels
  • Enhance my sense of wellbeing


I believe in the power of a morning routine, but the only way you will know which areas you could use improvement in your life is if you try it yourself!

I urge you to create a morning routine and give it a few tries and you will inevitably feel more motivated and accomplished before you begin the rest of your tasks for the day.

Individuals all over the globe are raving about this new way to start your day… will you become one of these people?



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