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Who is microdosing for?

Settle into your true self with microdosing


We do not condone the use of any illegal substances whatsoever. This piece of writing was created strictly for educational purposes only. Please read with caution and use this information responsibly. *

Like most practices, microdosing is not necessarily for everyone and some may find greater benefits than others. However, due to its long list of pros, it can be a plentiful practice for an array of lifestyles.

Over the years, we have worked closely with many clients by assisting them through their journey. Along the way, we have evaluated the most common lifestyles that have benefited from this practice.

We are not sure yet if this is because those who live certain lifestyles are more prone/open to giving microdosing a go or if the practice itself benefits specific lifestyles over others. Either way, we can suggest this practice to the following lifestyles based on our current knowledge and the experience that our clients have gifted us.

While creative thinking benefits us all in different ways, there are some individuals who lead lifestyles that rely on their approach to creativity. If you are someone who lives, breathes and eats art then you need to try microdosing! Out of the long list of benefits, a boost in creativity seems to be one of the most common ones we get. Additionally, creativity is also one of the most well-known benefits outside of the community. The brain reacts very uniquely to microdoses. One study with psilocybin showed us that a microdose can induce persistent and rapid growth of neural connections in the brain’s frontal cortex which is the section of the brain that governs our creative thinking.

Cognitive function is crucial for business-minded individuals to thrive. Essentially, cognitive function is a collection of brain-based ‘skills’ that are often needed in the acquisition of reasoning, knowledge and manipulation of information. This governs an individual’s ability to problem solve and exercise critical thinking in a more productive matter. Microdosing is believed to enhance cognitive function in the brain, which can be a huge advantage for an individual in business. This practice could enhance your brain function, focus and performance. It has been recently revealed that people in Silicon Valley have been using microdosing as a tool to improve themselves and their general performance. 

The human experience is crowded with intense ups and downs. Like many things in life, these ups and downs are constant and unavoidable. Being unstable, especially during an unfortunate event, can cause an immense amount of suffering. While suffering is inevitable, it can be minimized. In recent years, there has been a number of studies on how psychedelics (even in small doses) can positively affect depression. While the research is ongoing and nothing is set in stone, the data collected thus far is promising andwill likely motivate further research for the future of psychedelics. Microdosing has been known to improve the sense of well-being. When we feel more stable, wehave more room to grow our emotional intelligence and overall mindfulness.

I am going to use ‘busy bees’ as an umbrella term for every lifestyle that demands motivation, energy, sharpness and all the other ingredients needed to keep up with a high-paced life! What is something that a stay at home mum, a city bus driver and a CEO all have in common? They are all busy bees! Microdosing could benefit you as a busy bee no matter your walk of life. It is used by many busy bees across the globe to manage their tight deadlines and never-ending task lists while (somehow) maintaining sane along the way! Something important to note is the difference between being busy and being productive. This practice could help you in developing greater efficiency in a more sustainable way. Microdosing can help you keep up with the chaotic nature of a busy schedule! 

Students may just be the most stressed-out group of people on planet Earth… No, literally! Stress levels are statistically at an all-time high for students. More specifically, college students have never been more stressed. In fact, 55% of students claim their biggest stressors to be their schooling. Microdosing may be able to alleviate some symptoms of stress and/or anxiety that come with being a student. Additionally, microdosing is known to have cognitive boosting effects, which could help in combating the never-ending workload that is pushed onto said students. It also functions as an effective study tool. A higher functioning brain, more effective study time, and a decrease in stress/anxiety could have a collective effect on not only your performance but also your overall quality of life as a student.

Closing Thoughts

Considering how new this practice is and how little we know about it, we have so much to learn about how to optimally apply microdoses to different life paths. Life is incredibly difficult and you will encounter countless obstacles along the way. However, there are things that you can do to make life a little bit easier on you.

Remember that taking a microdose will not magically fix all of your problems for you! Evaluate who you are, where you wish to be and what you need to do to get there. Look at your microdoses as a friend to walk with you from the evaluation stages all the way to the action stages.

When looking at your goals in life and the person you truly want to be, it seems as though a collective approach has greater results. This practice is meant to be utilized as a tool, not as a pure solution and is most effective alongside a healthy approach to life. 

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