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What kind of microdosing products are there?

Learn about legal microdosing options!


We do not condone the use of any illegal substances whatsoever. This piece of writing was created strictly for educational purposes only. Please read with caution and use this information responsibly. *

One of the most important things to know when first learning about microdosing is what kind of products are available/used. While the two most commonly used substances are LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) and Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms), I will only be going over legal microdosing products that are available.

Today, we will be looking at what is available at the World’s most trusted microdosing source, Journey. They launched their project in the early year of 2017 as the world’s first legal microdosing company to offer a Lysergamide product, unlike other companies that only offered a Pilosybin option at that time.
Let’s have a close look at their 2 microdosing products.

MicroMush - Microdosing Psilocyin

MicroMush is a legal alternative to microdosing Magic Mushrooms. Essentially, you can use Magic Truffles instead of Magic Mushrooms. Magic truffles are basically an underdeveloped Magic Mushroom. One thing that makes a mushroom a mushroom is its water contents and the fact that its body fruits/grows above the Earth’s surface.

A Magic Truffle, on the other hand, never makes its way above the Earth’s surface. These little nuggets of gold are bunches of mycelium. They are very dense, contain less water/nutrients than mushrooms and are harvested under the ground. Some species of truffles also contain Psilocybin and Psilocin, just like some mushrooms.

These species are grown in the Netherlands and sold, possessed and consumed legally across most counties in the European Union. This makes them an excellent way for individuals in the EU to microdose Psilocybin legally and with great accuracy. The professional growers in the Netherlands have been doing their thing since 2017, so they have managed to consistently produce Magic Truffles with very impressive controlled potency. This is a huge advantage of microdosing Magic Truffles vs Magic Mushrooms. Using truffles that are grown with a consistent potency makes dosing easier, unlike Magic Mushrooms which vary massively from batch to batch and are illegal.

Journey with 1PD: Microdosing Lysergamides

Journey with 1PD is famous microdosing product that allowed them to be the world’s first company to offer a Lyergamide option. But what is a Lysergamide? Essentially, this is a category that hosts a large collective of psychedelic substances that are synthesized using the naturally occurring fungus, ergot. A great reminder that all chemicals used in labs come from nature!

The most popular example of a Lyergamide is LSD. However, it is important to know that while all Lyergamides interact with the same receptors, their effects and potency vary. Another thing to note about this collection of hallucinogens is that many of them are not legally controlled in specific locations around the Globe. This means that (if you are lucky) you may be able to microdose a legal Lysergamide and reap similar benefits to microdosing LSD.

While off of these compounds differ structurally, they all bind to the same serotonin receptors in the CNS, acting as a serotonin agonist. This is a fantastic option for those who would prefer to microdose with a Lyergamide rather than Psilocybin.

What is the difference between microdosing Psilocybin and Lysergamides?

Honestly, the list of benefits from both Psilocybin and Lyergamides mirror one another. However, if you are looking to truly optimize your ‘Microdosing Journey’ there are a few things worth knowing.

Microdosing Lyergamides appears to have greater stimulating effects. While both are used to wake the brain up and boost its functions, Lyergamides have greater simulating properties. That being said, using Psilocybin will be a better option if you get over-stimulated easily.

We typically suggest that business-minded individuals, students and others who have a busy lifestyle use a Lyergamide while we suggest others use Psilocybin. Keep in mind that there is little known about this practice and the more we look into it, the complexity of microdosing expands further.

Everyone has a unique experience with their doses. That being said, it is always best to try both and follow the suggested protocol to see what works best for you, your body/brain and your lifestyle.

Not sure which microdosing product to go for? Don't worry-We've got you!

We understand the hesitation that can come with trying your first dose. That is why we offer microdosing trial packs for both MicroMush and 1PD! 

Inside each pack you will find instructions and additional information to kick-start your microdosing journey.

At journey, we recognize the complexity of each individuals and strive to provide you with optimizable products!

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