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Microdosing Disadvantages

Problem, Solution, Action!


We do not condone the use of any illegal substances whatsoever. This piece of writing was created strictly for educational purposes only. Please read with caution and use this information responsibly. *

Microdosing is the act of ingesting a micro-amount of a psychedelic substance. The aim of this practice is to improve brain function, well-being, creativity and more. The effects of your doses should result in no psychoactive effect, if done correctly. If you feel high in any way, you are dosing yourself too high and defeating the purpose of this fast-growing brain-boosting method. The goal is to get some of the benefits of psychedelics but without the high. 

While microdosing has been reported to have many positive benefits, is there anything to look out for? Like all things in life, there are a few disadvantages to this practice. Luckily, said disadvantages are minimal and can be avoided in some cases with the right solutions. I will be going over the 3 main things to look out for, as well as guide you through some helpful solutions you can apply to optimize your experience and eliminate said disadvantages.

1. Dosage

You may have guessed that dosage could be considered a disadvantage due to the trial and error period you must go through. While microdosing with LSD can make accurate dosing easier, microdosing naturally occurring Psilocybin Mushrooms can be extremely tricky. This is where LSD wins 1 advantage over Magic Mushrooms.

Disadvantage: Microdosing with magic mushrooms can be difficult as their potency is unpredictable and varies from batch to batch. This is why 3 grams of one batch can be less trippy than 1 gram of a different batch. This is the risk when working with naturally occurring materials.

Solution: The best way to go about it is simply starting small and working your way up. For additional prevention, test each batch you receive to ensure you are comfortable and aware of its potency. If you live in Europe, there can be less risk. Magic Truffles are a type of fungi that grow beneath the ground and contain Psilocybin and Psilocin, just like Magic Mushrooms. These truffles are easier to grow accurately and are produced by legal growers in the Netherlands who have been doing it for years. These are a great option for those in Europe who wish to microdosing Psilocybin with accuracy. Even so, always start small when trying a new species of Magic Truffles. Keep in mind that body weight, food consumed/diet, and sensitivity can affect how your dose hits you.

2. Over-stimulation

This is a negative effect that some microdosers have experienced. Microdosing stimulates the brain. This can be a huge benefit for some while it is unwanted by others. Using Psilocybin seems to be a safer route in this regard vs using Lysergamies (eg, LSD). Unfortunately, most locations do not have access to legal Psilocybin products and have to use legal Lysergamides instead.

Disadvantage: Microdosing can be over-stimulating and cause unwanted bodily sensations and mental discomfort.

Solutions: Avoid having other stimulants alongside your doses. A huge mistake we notice our coffee-loving clients make is carrying on with their daily intake of caffeine or other caffeinated beverages on dose days. If you are experiencing over-stimulation when you microdose, it may be something else you are putting into your body rather than the microdose itself. Or, it may be the lack of something else you are putting in your body, eg food. Try having your doses alongside some nourishing food in the morning and skip your coffee ritual for the day and see what happens. Lastly, if you suffer from anxiety, microdosing may amplify your symptoms. Keep in mind that microdosing is not necessarily for everyone and while it may reduce symptoms of anxiety for some, it does not mean that others will have the same effect. 

3. Legality

Sadly, most areas have laws against the use of psychedelic substances, even in small doses. This means you simply cannot get away with legally microdosing. Hopefully, one day more lobbyists will relax laws against these substances. The way things are going right now, we can expect to see more tolerance for microdosing and psychedelics in the future. Until then, you may simply be out of luck!

Disadvantage: Psychedelics are illegal in most locations around the Globe, stopping individuals from being able to microdose.

Solution: While there seems to be no current solution for individuals in specific locations, you may be in luck if you live in Europe and a few other selected countries! There are some legal options for Europeans. Many EU citizens legally microdose Psilocybin by using Magic Truffles (see above) instead of Magic Mushrooms. Additionally, while LSD remains illegal everywhere, these days there are other options. LSD falls into a category called Lysergamides. Essentially, there is a long list of compounds in this category that are legal in Europe and a few other countries (eg, Canada and Australia) that allow microdosers to reap the benefits of microdosing Lysergamdies.

Final Thoughts

While there are a few things to consider when embarking on your ‘Microdosing Journey’, these things can be avoided in some cases with the correct education and information provided around the topic. These things are minor and, like many others, this practice can be optimized for the individual.

Do your research, document/analyse your experiences and follow the correct protocol. These tips could collectively minimize these disadvantages of microdosing.

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