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Who is Journey?

"Lighting fire to the mind of mankind"

We have been in the field of microdosing since the beginning and were the world’s first legal microdosing company to offer a Lysergamide product! Since we launched our site in 2017, a lot has changed for us! We are proud to announce that we are now an international company! Not only are we based in the Netherlands, allowing many of our fellow European client’s legal options, we now have a second base in Canada! It is a dream come true to open up a second location, allowing Canadians faster and cheaper shipping while spreading our love for microdosing across seas!

Additionally, we adhere to the law, both locally and internationally. We do not make any exceptions whatsoever in this regard. The whole point of our company is to offer legal products to as many locations as possible. We understand the ever-changing operation of laws. Therefore, we make sure to stay updated, ensuring there is no risk for ourselves or our clients with our supply/distribution. Every step of the process in our company is legal. From the production in the Lab to your possession of our products. One day, we wish for microdosing to be legal everywhere! It is a long shot, but with passion and determination, we believe it is possible for the future of psychedelics.

Not only did we aim to provide you with a ‘one-stop shop’ vibe for all your microdosing needs, but we also wanted our information base to be of a similar nature! Our goal is to one day be a central source of information for every topic that is tied to microdosing.
One thing we have learned through our Journey is that the more we learn about this practice, the more complex things get. This means that the information revolving around microdosing is
always growing. We hope to provide the world with free up-to-date knowledge on the topic.

We always have been and always will be active in the ongoing public debate on microdosing. Our entire team shares a passion for this movement and would wish for nothing more than to be hands-on, expanding the community in as many directions as possible! We also hope this approach stimulates discussion for others and promotes productive conversation about microdosing inside and outside of the community.



In our years of operation, we have worked closely with countless clients, learning about the intricacy of this practice and how powerful it truly is. We believe we are planting seeds through our doses, providing an effective tool that allows you to tune into yourself and the world around you. We are honoured to be part of the impact our clients have experienced throughout their Journey.

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