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“JOURNEY believes in the power of the human mind: the power to create, to build, to make things happen and share profound joy.”

“Our main motive is helping the world become a better place by lighting fire in the mind of mankind– one microdose at a time.”

Microdosing is for anyone!

Microdosing is a fast-growing lifestyle trend in which people consume sub-perceptual doses of certain well-known compounds a couple of times a week with the intention of improving their mood, focus, creativity, motivation and/or energy levels.
Microdosing has shown so many beneficial results that you can find it being used by everyone from Silicon Valley CEOs, your favourite artists to stay at home moms and college students.
And most importantly, it doesn’t get you high!
Boost Creativity
Boost Performance

What Microdosing can do for you?

Improve Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Practitioners commonly report, reduced feelings of depression and anxiety, better ability to manage emotions, more energy to tackle daily task, better fitness output and even an easier time making healthy diet and lifestyle choices.

  • iconself managing mental health & trauma
  • iconincreases energy for daily activities
  • iconfacilitates healthy habits

Enhance Productivity

Microdosing has often shown marked improvements in productivity, ability to focus, capacity for learning, cognitive and creative enhancement, and a natural drive to eliminate procrastination.

  • iconunlock creativity and enhanced problem solving
  • iconimprove motivation and ability to focus
  • iconincreased cognitive and learning abilities
Better Living Microdosing

Better Living

Microdosing, has been reported to fire up enthusiasm for everyday activities through improved mood and attitude towards life, a heightened sense of perception
and a better ability to connect socially and intimately.

Additionally, individuals report that they have an easier time dropping bad habits.

  • iconheighten senses, improve mood and attitude towards life
  • iconfoster deeper social and romantic connections
  • iconfacilitate behaviour change
Better Living Microdosing


Want to discover what microdosing can do for you? Just give it a go with JOURNEY’s unique 1PD formula, the most effective microdosing supplement on the planet, expertly dosed and tested.

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