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Microdosing and Productivity

Unlock your full potential with microdosing!


We do not condone the use of any illegal substances whatsoever. This piece of writing was created strictly for educational purposes only. Please read with caution and use this information responsibly. *

 Most of us have personal goals in regard to how we would like to perform in different areas of life. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. You can feel overwhelmingly busy for days on end whilst barely making a dent on your to-do list. If you have been in this situation, you know how horrible it can feel. Luckily, there are many ways to boost your productivity. One way you can do so is by microdosing. We have helped clients all over the Globe manage their day-to-day lives with more ease through this unique and effective practice.

Before we get into it, let’s look at what microdosing actually is first.

What is microdosing?

 To put it in simple terms, microdosing is the act of consuming a micro-amount of an often psychedelic substance. The two most common substances to use for this practice are typically LSD (Lysergamides) or magic mushrooms/truffle (Psilocybin). If done correctly, your dose should be so small that you do not feel anything other than a tiny ‘‘life enhancement’’, as we like to call it. You should not experience any high whatsoever. If you feel wavy or intoxicated, then you definitely need to decrease your dose. If you live in a location where you can legally access microdosing products, then this can be avoided by using a microdosing company as they ensure you have the perfect dose every time. Consistency is key!

 Microdosing has a very positive list of benefits. Everyone’s microdosing journey looks different and everyone seems to get a unique set of benefits from their doses. One thing we love about this practice is that it is optimizable. This means you can develop your own protocol that works specifically for your needs, allowing you to get the most out of each dose.

Some individuals use their doses to boost creativity, brain function or even well-being! While everyone has unique experiences and results, there are a few common benefits that most microdosers report. Let’s look at one in particular; microdosing for productivity.

Using microdosing as a productivity tool

So, microdosing can help boost productivity, but how? When we look at productivity and the common obstacles individuals face when trying to remain productive in day-to-day life, there are a handful of things to consider and look at. Microdosing can help increase energy, focus, motivation, brain function, etc.
All of these benefits combined can result in a spike in your productivity levels and how you manage yourself during a busy day! Let’s look at each of these benefits and draw the link between each area and productivity.

This may be the #1 most common benefit that our clients have reported to us after using our microdosing products! Having a boost in your energy levels and focus is a game changer! Whether you are an entrepreneur or a stay-at-home mum, having an increase in focus will be a huge advantage, especially during busier periods! We always suggest taking your dose sometime in the morning an hour or so after waking up so it can wear off in time and not disrupt your circadian rhythm. Taking a dose in the morning is an exceptionally effective way to dissolve general brain fog so you can get into a focused state of mind sooner than usual. It can take hours to feel fully awake, which can get in the way of your performance. When you start your day with a dose, you’ll be able to get into the groove easier, enhancing your performance and productivity!

Brain function
Microdosing is known to help improve brain function. More specifically, microdosing may target your cognitive function. Essentially, cognitive functions are brain-based skills that are needed in the acquisition of reasoning, knowledge and manipulation of information. Our cognitive function(s) allows us to process information and perform critical thinking and decision-making. We need these functions to occur in our brain to think clearly, react sharply and make good decisions for ourselves. When we can react fast and well, we are able to perform at a higher standard. If your brain function is poor, then it will inevitably leak out into every other area of your life. Maintaining good physical brain health is a huge act of self-care.

Mood and motivation
Another commonly reported benefit is mood stabilizing. In fact, some individuals have claimed to successfully treat mental complications such as anxiety, chronic stress and even depression through the act of microdosing! It is important to be open-minded and note that there are very few studies on microdosing, so we aren’t exactly sure how or why this practice seems to have such a phenomenal effect on one’s mental health. Either way, it is definitely worth a try if you are not on any other prescribed medications and your symptoms are relatively low. As always, it is best to speak with a health care professional if you are experiencing symptoms that are seriously getting in the way of your life. While microdosing may have been the answer for one person, it may not be the answer for the next.

However, we have been told by many of our clients that microdosing assisted them in getting their mental health back on track.
Many microdosers and general psychedelic users claim that psychedelics (in both small and large doses) can ‘‘rewire the brain’’. Perhaps there is some truth in that but we won’t know for sure until there are more studies.
If you are able to stabilise your mood, it will help you feel more motivated. Being motivated can help fight procrastination and low self-esteem issues that can be getting in the way of your performance. When we feel balanced, inspired and more confident in ourselves, life truly opens up! This can lead you on the path of unlocking your potential that has ultimately always been there, deep down.

How often should I microdose for productivity?

Microdosing could be the gateway to showing yourself what you are capable of, however, there are a few things you need to figure out first before you reap all of these benefits. As stated above, microdosing is a practice that involves a lot of optimization. This means you need to pay attention to how your doses are hitting you and get to the root cause of why they are making you feel this way or that way.

Everyone seems to have their own reasons for microdosing. You might be a musician and dose with the motive of keeping your creative juices flowing and minimizing the length of your inevitable ‘‘creative droughts’’. If this is the case, you may find that using a Psilocybin product works better than when you dose with a Lysergamide option. You may also find that 00.25 grams of magic truffles (Psilocybin) are the perfect happy medium for you to tap into the flow state, whereas a 00.50 grams dose might be a bit counterproductive and make you have a harder time focusing.

We are unique creatures that host an infinitely complex biological system within our bodies. This means everyone is going to feel different from their doses. It could also be up to your weight, sensitivity to the compounds, what (or if) you ate that morning, if you stay hydrated, etc. How your dose hits you is dependent on a handful of factors. This is why you should try to pay attention in the beginning and listen to the signals your mind and body are telling you. The best way to optimize your microdosing journey, in our experience, is to keep a dosing journal. Write down what you dosed that day, how much you took, what you ate/drank, what you did that day and anything you noticed that is worth writing down. This will help you see patterns and allow you to add or take away things from your dosing protocol. While everyone has their own path they walk, we do have a schedule that we can suggest to our clients who are looking for an overall effect. Here is what it looks like.

Day 1: Dose day.
Day 2: Day off.
Day 3: Day off.

Essentially, this is a 1 day-on, 2 days off schedule. However, you can dose less than that if you please. For example, if you use microdosing as a productivity tool, perhaps you only feel as though it is necessary to dose on days when you have to meet very tight deadlines! There are 2 main things to keep in mind when finding an optimized dosing schedule.

A) Leave 1-2 days between each dosing day. With many substances, humans grow a physical tolerance to psychedelics, such as Lysergamides and Psilocybin. That being said, it is best to leave a few days between so you can get back to your baseline and make sure get the most out of each dose!

B) Don’t be afraid to change your schedule at any point in time. Your dosing schedule should be based on what your body tells you. A huge part of the microdosing journey is getting more in touch with your mind and body, listening to the signals it sends you and establishing a deeper relationship with yourself. Even if you’ve been following the same schedule for 5 years and you are beginning to find it isn’t doing what it used to, switch it up! Experiment as much as you want and don’t pay attention to what other microdosers are doing. This is about you

Final Thoughts

One of the greatest discoveries I have found through working in the microdosing industry and walking my own microdosing path is how personal this practice truly is. Learning about how to truly optimize your doses displays the complexity and intricacy that each and every one of us hosts. When you tune into yourself, you may find that many of the things getting in the way of your productivity and performance can actually be avoided to some extent. There is no practice that you can take on that will magically fix all of your problems for you. However, there are many practices, such as microdosing, that can help you see that you have the power to fix many of your problems.

When we microdose, we can change our mindset. When we can change our mindset, we can change our life


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