The Five Microdosing Podcasts to Keep an Eye On

Microdosing Podcasts

“Welcome to the world of Microdosing”

In a galaxy far far away (P.S. J.K., I mean the earth), human beings have found a way to unlock the incredible benefits of psychedelic and mind-altering substances while cancelling out the addiction and side-effects that come with most high potency compounds.

Welcome to the world of microdosing; a wellness trend that has quickly spread across the globe due to its safe and beneficial nature.

Imagine taking just a tiny fraction of a recreational dose of various psychedelic substances. You get the scaled-down version of the effects of the compound without having to suffer from the adverse side effects such as hallucinations or loss of perception. That is what microdosing is all about (it is in the name too).

Microdosers have self-reported that doing this improves mood, concentration and focus while enabling the individual to be completely aware and in control. Over time, microdosing may lead to an increase in neural plasticity and may help manage various symptoms and conditions such as pain or mood disorders and is believed to promote general wellbeing.

For anyone looking forward to researching and trying this out for themselves, we have rounded up a list of some of the best microdosing podcasts to keep an eye on for some great insight and information.


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” Build your knowledge of the culture and evidence behind microdosing before you start your transformative journey”

The Third Wave

This popular podcast has some incredible reviews on iTunes and terms itself as an explorative discourse on the “psychedelic renaissance”. With around 80 episodes at the time of writing, the podcast follows a conversational, interview-based format in collaboration with entrepreneur and experts. It considers one compound at a time in each episode while laying out effects and personal experiences related to the compound. The reviews I found show that the podcast is suitable for beginners as well as experienced “psychonauts” as each episode starts from a basic level of information building up to more complex discourse.

Psychedelics Today

This is another popular podcast with around 100 episodes at the time of writing which has excellent reviews on iTunes and a good list of subscribers. The show features two hosts, Kyle and Joe, who interview guests, focusing mainly on exploring the psychedelic culture across the world and health-related discussion. The podcast releases regular episodes, although most are on the longer side of the podcast spectrum at around 60 minutes on average. The podcast mostly features researchers, travellers and activists with less concentration on the industry or business side of things and more focus towards the socio-cultural effects of the microdosing revolution across the world and its origins.

Shifty Perspective

One of the newer microdosing podcasts shows on the psychedelic scene; it is no doubt worth keeping an eye on. The show features multiple hosts exploring different topics with guests while focusing more on the scientific, health-related and technological aspects of microdosing and psychedelics along with some attention towards the cultural and historical impacts of psychedelics and the development of the microdosing culture across the world. From my experience of the episodes, I found the show to be equally balanced between light-hearted discourse and serious, thoughtful discussion, which is usually the key to creating exciting and thought-provoking podcasts. It is an excellent show to follow for beginners and experts alike, as well as those interested in learning more about microdosing and psychedelics.

Psychedelic Salon

This is one of the oldest running podcasts on psychedelics, having released over 300 episodes since 2005. The show features the host Lorenzo Hagerty in conversation with a broad category of individuals from several fields. The show has featured very prominent guests including Sasha Shulgin, Annie Oak, Rick Doblin, Daniel Pinchbeck, Shonagh Home, Bruce Damer, and Aldous Huxley, among others. The podcast is explorative, relying on personal experiences and observations paired with scientific and research-based discourse. The show has recently begun discussing topics related to microdosing and the related culture that has sprung across the world in detail—a highly recommended podcast for everyone interested in microdosing and psychedelics.

The Entheogenic Evolution

The most science-y sounding podcast in the list, this show is hosted by a famous author, Dr Martin W. Ball. The episodes combine a flavour of new-age spirituality and awakening with a scientific approach to the discussion regarding microdosing and psychedelics. I found the episodes to be more in-depth regarding the effects and methods of using psychedelics and other compounds as compared to the other podcasts on the list. The podcast also showcases music by various guest artists and includes a focus on the cultural and artistic aspect of the microdosing revolution as well. With around 100 episodes at the time of writing, the show releases episodes regularly and is an excellent podcast to follow for those interested in the scientific side of microdosing.


Although the list is in no way exhaustive, I have tried to include most of the famous and upcoming podcasts related to microdosing and psychedelics that I could find. Remember, a responsible and informed approach towards microdosing is essential for ensuring that you can get the benefits while having a full understanding and grasp of the risks and dangers. Have a look at the podcasts listed above and build your knowledge of the culture and evidence behind microdosing before you start your transformative journey towards better health and wellness with microdosing and psychedelics.


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