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Is Microdosing the New Preworkout? The Surprising Symbiosis of Microdosing and Fitness

USING microdosing as a preworkout alternative


For the eager minds of the fitness world, discovering fresh ways to elevate their workout game is akin to furthering your journey. Microdosing, a practice from the World where biohacking and psychedelics merge could be a new best friend for fitness enthusiasts. Imagining a world where a small dose of psychedelics could be the key to unlocking enhanced energy, mental acuity, and endurance in the gym. In this exploration, we’ll unravel the potential interplay between microdosing and physical fitness, assessing whether this unconventional pairing is purely experimental or has a place in the future of fitness. Before we get why you should use microdosing as a preworkout alternative, let’s begin with the basics! 


The Microdosing Mantra: What is it?

Before we dive into the synergy of microdosing and working out, a primer on what it is might be helpful for those who are new here. Essentially, this practice entails the consumption of small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic substances such as LSD (Lysergamide) or psilocybin mushrooms or truffles (Tryptamine). Advocates of this practice share a list of benefits, from heightened creativity and focus to enhanced emotional balance and even cognitive flexibility! The magic here lies in the diluted dosage—enough to leave reality intact but purportedly sufficient to spark a surge in cognitive functioning and social ease. You shouldn’t feel high from your microdose, but you should feel lighter and notice a slight enhancement to your day.


Microdosing as a pre-workout: How could it help assist you in the gym?

Let’s be real, fitness is as much a psychological game as a physical pursuit. The idea that ‘your mind quiets before your muscles do’ rings particularly true regarding physical activity. Here is where microdosing might slip seamlessly into the picture—priming the mind and body for an optimally focused and energized workout session. But how?


Enhancing Determination and Motivation

Consider the occasions when the gym feels like dread or when the nagging voice of self-doubt threatens to derail consistency. Microdosing, as per its proponents, can lay claim to enhancing both determination and motivation. Lowering the mental hurdles that might otherwise cast a curse over your gym session, a microdose could lend that extra spring to step into the weight room or onto the running track. Often, just showing up to the gym is the hardest bit. With this practice, getting out the door could be a bit easier!

Confidence and Focus

Confidence and focus are critical currencies in the exercise arena. They can translate the difference between half-hearted reps and a workout session where every fibre of your being is aligned with the exercise task at hand. Microdosing, if the enthusiasts are to be believed, can act as a fine tuner of these mental attributes, ensuring a session where self-assurance and concentration reign supreme. This practice has been known to offer brain-boosting benefits, which could assist you in the gym by giving you laser focus and better execution with your workouts.

Energizing the Experience

One of the most sought-after effects of using microdosing a pre-workout is an uptick in energy levels that doesn’t nosedive post-workout. Purported capacity to boost energy, it could offer an alternative to caffeine-laden pre-exercise supplements. With a microdose, you’re not just simmered up for a single exhalation of effort; instead, the purported sustained energy could lend itself to an entire workout regimen. We can particularly suggest using a Lysergamide (such as 1PD) instead of a Tryptamine (such as MicroMush) when working out. They have a very similar effect, however, our 1PD has been reported to be better for energy, focus and the ‘‘get shit done’’ attitude!

Managing Gym Anxiety

Another very commonly reported benefit of the practice is its anxiety-decreasing abilities. Many of us have the shared experience of anxiety upon entering a gym. This can really get in the way of your workout. It may go as far as stopping you from trying certain things. Using the microdosing as your pre-workout could help you lessen your symptoms of anxiety, helping you get a great workout every time!



Gym. Gym anxiety. Microdosing as a Preworkout


Flow States and Microdosing

The above ways that this practice could help you in the gym were aimed more toward a weight-lifting gym session. But what about running? Can the practice help that, too? There is one way in particular that this practice could be exceptionally helpful to a runner: The flow state.

This flow state is where the state of near-euphoric immersion in the activity, has a sterling reputation among athletes and artists alike. Entering the flow state means you are engulfed in an activity to the point where time ceases to exist. Nothing else in the World matters, it’s just you and the moment! This state of mind is incredibly healing and therapeutic.

Proponents of the the experience are easier access to flow—engaging without overthinking. This is perfect for when you are running. Often, our thoughts get in the way when we are running, making it extremely hard to enter the flow state.

Ultimately, whether it’s plunking that squat bar an extra set or lunging that one step further during your run, the in-the-zone sensation could manifest more readily under the subtle sway of a microdose.



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Mind-Muscle Connection and Psychedelics

The elusive mind-muscle connection has been mastered in bodybuilding circles, with legendary bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger underlining its significance. Allegedly, microdosing can grease the cogs of this connection, intensifying one’s awareness of muscle engagement and movement precision. Get into your head and your body simultaneously and feel their connection like never before. Think of it as an introspective coach who assists in getting the form right and ensuring that each push and pull resonates with maximum leverage.

In closing, the narrative of using this practice as a pre-workout alterntative is dotted with personal experiences and scientific whispers, and woven with the potential to transcend the usual workout protocol. The final brushstroke, however, remains unstroked, the canvas of this practice in the fitness space still a work in progress—will microdosing be your new favourite preworkout?





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