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Move Over, Wine Moms! Make Room for Microdosing Moms!

DISCLAIMER: Do not microdose if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are on any other medication.

Not all heroes wear capes and moms are no exceptions! Raising a child is a full-time job. Whether you are a stay at home mom or not, the mom life is never simple. It is full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, good and bad. At times, it would only make you human to feel a sense of unstableness.

The famous concept of a wine mom makes a lot of sense. With the stress and anxiety that can come with parenting, a glass or two of wine is an effective way to get your stress levels down. But what if there was another route to take? I am going to talk about an alternative that I truly believe can benefit a variety of lifestyles, even parenthood. This practice could help you improve many areas of parenting from problem-solving to relating and connecting to your children on a deeper level. Being a mom will never be easy, but there are ways to make things a little bit easier on yourself.

Move over, wine moms! Let’s make some room for microdosing moms!

How microdosing can help moms

Microdosing is the act of ingesting a micro-amount of a psychedelic substance. This dose is so small that it offers no psychoactive effects! This means microdosing does not get you high.

Taking a microdose of a psychedelic substance is probably one of the last things that would come to the mind of a mother. This is likely due to society’s demonization of psychedelic substances. However, it is possible that microdosing could make you a better parent, and ultimately, a better person.

Here are some ways that microdosing can help you as a mom.


Maintaining enough energy to keep up with a children can seem hopeless. If this is something that you struggle with as a parent, then microdosing will be your new favourite thing!

Although a microdose is non-psychoactive, there are subtle effects that are noticeable. One of those is an increase in energy! Microdosing stimulated the brain, giving you more energy throughout your day via an increase in brain activity and higher functioning cognitive abilities!

However, you do need to be careful! Some people experience over-stimulation when mixing a microdose with other stimulates, such as coffee. If this happens to you, just skip your morning coffee one dose days and you should find a good balance!



When it comes to parenting, you often have to get creative. Whether that is with new meals ideas, games to play with your children, or problem-solving when issues arise. Having a creative approach to parenting is a huge advantage!

One of the main benefits that microdosers report is a boost in their creative thinking. In my opinion, everyone can benefit from thinking outside the box! Creativity can show up in many ways, it is not always in the form of painting or playing the guitar.

Creativity can also be exercised in critical thinking and problem solving, which are two important things to master as a parent.

Spark your inner child

Taking a microdose is a great way to remind you to not take life too seriously. When you take life too seriously, it can create an unnecessarily big divide between you and your child. A very unique bond can occur when you channel your inner child; this is when true connection happens.

Additionally, you can learn a lot more from your child when you make an effort to see the world through their lens. Learning how to get in touch with your inner child will help you nurture your own child. We have so much to teach our children and they have so much to teach us in return.

Stay in touch

It can be pretty hard to not get carried away with your identity as a mom. When we do this, our sense of self can get lost in the rapid current of parenthood. Microdosing is a fantastic tool for self-reflection.

Yes, you are a mom at the end of the day but you are still an individual. You have hobbies, likes/dislikes, friends, and countless in-depths thoughts and feelings about yourself and the world around you. Parenting can result in tunnel vision, making you disconnect from your own depths. Microdosing is a great way to gain new perspectives and bring attention to things that have fallen beneath the surface.

This practice will help you stay in touch with yourself and walk with you down the path of self-discovery. An increase in individuality and self-love will help you lead a great example for your children, as well. Being certain and knowing/exploring yourself fully will send a positive ripple into the lives of your children.

Mood Stabilizing

wellbeing brain

Most humans are a bit out of balance, not just parents! However, being a parent can bring a lot of stress and pressure to someone, which can damage their wellbeing in the long term.

Sadly, many mothers suffer from depression, anxiety, and chronic high-stress levels due to the unstable nature of motherhood. While no scientific studies have proven the mental health benefits of microdosing, individuals all over the globe have been successfully increased their wellbeing and mood with this unique practice. Aside from parenting, the fast-paced flow of society can be a lot to handle for most of us.

The statistics of anxiety and depression have sky-rocketed in the last 10 years. Perhaps taking micro-amounts of psychedelics could be one of the answers to this pandemic. Hopefully, we can put more funding into psychedelic research in the upcoming decade and push for the different applications of psychedelics!

World Views

Being a parent is a huge responsibility in many aspects. One of the major responsibilities of parenting is deciding what to teach your children about the world. Many worldly views that adults carry around with them stem from what they were taught as a child. The opinions you feed your child’s brain is critical and shapes their entire view on life/existence.

From spirituality to politics; one of your many jobs as a parent is to teach your child about the world that they live in. This only intensifies as your little mini-me turns into a teenager and starts thinking for themselves. Microdosing promotes neuroplasticity in the brain. Neuroplasticity slows down as we age and is responsible for adapting new ideas and looking at things differently.

The world around us is constantly changing, therefore, so should our view of it. As we get older, it becomes harder and harder to take on new ideas. This is where microdosing comes in handy as it can help us redevelop ideas and concepts that are more up to date that we can pass on to our children.

Final thoughts

To become a better parent, you need to become a better person. This way, you can show up as the best version of yourself and have a healthy relationship with your children. Every child deserves a parent that is emotionally present, patient, and understanding. Microdosing helps us hold space for ourselves so we can hold space for others. You know what they say… You cannot pour from an empty cup!

Try microdosing today and you might be a ‘better’ parent tomorrow.



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