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Meet Journey

We are proud to be the world’s first legal microdosing company.

As some of you may know, Journey was once known as ‘Micro1P’. We are proud to be the world’s first legal microdosing company. It has been a short but extremely sweet ‘Journey’ since we started in 2017. We have a strong team(link ‘meet the team’ page) behind us that works around the clock to ensure we provide the best microdosing experience possible. We strive to provide engaging, informative and exciting content. When it comes to our products and services, quality always comes first. This is why we offer the best microdosing products available.

At Journey, we believe in equality for all humans. We feel that everyone, including our employees, deserves respect.
We reflect this in creating a positive/encouraging environment, fair wages, and comfortable working conditions for our whole team. We strongly believe in each individual who represents us and what they are capable of.
We are proud to welcome you on this Journey with us.

Ash - Founder

An innovative businessman with a history in the psychedelic, longevity and cannabis scene/industry. Ash is a psychedelic activist that likes to get involved whenever and wherever possible. He is a firm believer in changing the world in many ways, one of those being via alternative treatments with psychedelics. His main goal in life is to help the world become a better place, which he quickly realised could be done through the help of psychedelics. With a world that is changing right before our eyes, we know that psychedelics are becoming an important aspect of evolution. Ash is (to say the least) ecstatic to be part of such an important movement. His passion and love for life and humanity shines brightly throughout him!


Carmen – Admin/Project Manager

She is a dedicated member of the team that works behind the scenes to ensure everything is well orchestrated and running as smoothly as possible. She helps keep communication running fluidly and her organization skills ensure each project is completed on time and with grace. Somehow, she manages to have a stronghold on things even when managing multiple projects simultaneously. Carmen is the native Dutch member of our team, allowing us to thrive in the Netherlands with the famous Dutch efficiency. Her performance and delivery are outstanding!


Sydney – Creator/Creative

She is our in house content creator. She runs our Instagram page, always providing fresh content for the psychedelic community to follow and enjoy. She has recently begun writing articles for our blog section and has helped us move along with writing website content as well. On top of that, she also handles all of our photography and videography needs. Her creative approach and artistic perspective are just what we need to visually present our brand accurately. Her passion for Psychedelia and ethical practices are a driving force in her life, assisting her on her Journey. You can always count on Sydney to pull through with new, fresh content.


Odin – Office Pup or ‘The Good Boy’

The back’bone’ of our company. This three-legged pup keeps up with a busy schedule. He makes his rounds to each room every day and is in charge of putting a smile on everyone’s face. By his company photo, you can clearly see that he exceeds in the fields of loveable-ness, cute-ness and, belly scratches. He may only have three legs, yet he still happily hops from office to office spreading his love all day long. You might find him taking a nap and stretching out in the hallway. You might find him scanning the floors for food droppings. You may even find him rolling around on his back with his toy in his mouth, demanding your attention. No matter where or when you see him, he will always be there, radiating his love for you and life.

Support on your Journey

Learn how microdosing can help your creative, performance and wellbeing Journeys.