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The Value of A Microdosing Community

What does a world dedicated to exploring the depths of consciousness and the wonders of the universe have to offer? Peace, stability, and happiness!

There are very few things in modern life that can bring ease of mind, a chance to breathe, relax, and be one with yourself, capable of transforming your inner dimensions into outward expressions of individuality and uniqueness.

We have cluttered our days with meaningless pursuits that have a minimal positive impact on the lives of others. Amidst the raging corporate culture, we have begun to devalue the things that we hold most precious in life, such as freedom, liberty, trust, honesty, and knowledge of the self.

We do not claim that psychedelics and dissociative substances can help you achieve unprecedented success in life. Still, we do say with confidence that the avenues these psychedelics provide for self-exploration and realization can bring you closer to yourself and the universe!

Microdosing has fast taken a stable place in many cultures globally, although this practice is far from contemporary.

In this article, we discuss the fundamentals of microdosing and how a community that is rewarding and accepting of microdosing and the use of psychedelics can lead to a better quality of life for everyone everywhere!

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is the act of consuming psychedelics in small quantities regularly. This means that instead of taking a more considerable amount of a psychedelic at one time to produce significant experiences, one can take minuscule portions of the substances at regular intervals to enjoy the beneficial effects of the psychedelics without prompting a hallucinatory or dissociative experience.

Many psychedelic substances are incredibly beneficial for the mind and health. The few side effects of psychedelics have discouraged people from their use, who are not comfortable with hallucinatory or dissociative experiences.

Microdosing provides an avenue for such individuals to explore the benefits of psychedelics without experiencing some of the more significant dissociative effects of the substances.

Instead, through microdosing, one can significantly facilitate their mental and physical health, as most psychedelics interact positively with the endocrine system, even in minuscule quantities.

Microdosing enthusiasts report increased concentration, better creative expression, improvement in memory and cognition, and the ability to clear their minds and focus exclusively on specific tasks.

All these aspects make microdosing psychedelics a positive and rewarding practice that is gaining increased popularity worldwide.

Curious newcomers

Nurturing a Microdosing Community

It is human nature to seek approval from others and find comfort in compliance with social norms. We have grown as a civilization by supporting ideals of social etiquette and morals that must be upheld and agreed upon by active members of society. 

Individuals who lash out regarding these social norms are often considered “outcasts” or “rebels“, which is an incredibly negative connotation and very damaging to society’s creative evolution.

By extinguishing the flame of curiosity and exploration and demanding compliance from all society members, the world today has evolved into a bland and subjugated community that is afraid of exploring the world, relationships, and themselves for fear of backlash and criticism from the community.

With the rise of microdosing, a change in attitude is required to allow humans to progress to the next stage of their social journey.

As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, a world that is united in purpose and collectively aimed at exploring the bounds of consciousness, social relationships, and the wonders of the world can create a nurturing and supportive environment that greatly encourages and rewards self-expression and discovery.

For this reason, we feel that it is incredibly necessary to build a positive microdosing community across the globe so that we may share the fruits of our curiosity and bring more profound knowledge extracted from experience to others and ourselves.


The Value And Benefits Of A Microdosing Community

We, as a society, perpetuate, and value shared experiences. As Christopher McCandless wrote,

Happiness is only real when shared.

This extraordinary quote can entice a reimagination of the value of shared experiences and how a community united in its love and support for a particular practice can harmonize relationships and interactions across the participation pool harmoniously and encouragingly.

When we apply the theory of shared experiences to microdosing psychedelics, we can postulate that a society that embraces the practice of microdosing as a collective can together experience a transcendental uplift of morals, morale, insight, spirituality, expression, creativity, realization, discovery, and exploration, that is impossible to create through any other means.

A community that protects and encourages the sacred rights of self-realization and exploration can benefit from a significantly increased nurturing of relationships and much more profound agreement than a community bent on antagonistically punishing those that seem to walk in a different direction.


This article is not meant to inspire a revolution in human thought. It aims to bring to light the fact that a microdosing community has to offer the world much more than is expected.

Combined with the beneficial mental and health effects of the practice of microdosing, a social understanding and encouragement will lead to not only a much more accepting approach to psychedelics but also easier access to these wonderful substances that nature has offered for our benefit.

The world is full of wonders, and we must only open our minds and our hearts to new experiences to get a chance to appreciate the majesty of the human experience fully!



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