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Business with a Trippy Twist: How to Be professional and Enjoy Psychedelics

How to Be professional and Enjoy Psychedelics? For years, the world of psychedelics and the world of business have been completely separate entities. Psychedelics belonged in the realm of hippies and pioneers of consciousness, not me in business suits. Conversely, organizations and businesses are run by clean-cut individuals with no mind for psychedelics.

Nowadays, however, these notions are being dispelled. It is becoming increasingly obvious that microdosing psychedelics is not only something practiced by many business folks, it’s actually incredibly beneficial. Microdosing is able to enhance all sorts of different aspects of an individual’s mental and physical health and can help them perform much better in their business.

So, if you want your business to take a trippy twist, you might want to enter the world of microdosing. Just a note, microdosing is considered taking doses so small that they’re barely felt. You won’t be having a trip yourself, but your business might gain a reputation as being cutting-edge, innovative, and – yes – trippy.

How Does Microdosing Work?

Microdosing involves taking a very small dose of a psychoactive substance, usually a psychedelic like mushrooms or LSD.

Magic Mushroom

To qualify as a microdose, the dose has to be so low that it doesn’t produce any obvious intoxication or high. This is known as a sub-threshold dose.

Even at a sub-threshold dose, however, these drugs still activate the same circuitry in the brain. This allows them to create positive changes in a person’s mental and physical state.

Some researchers speculate that microdosing is effective because it causes stimulation in the cortex without producing a strong enough effect to cause a high. The cortical stimulation leads to an enhanced ability for neurons to form new connections and thus enhances spatial memory, working memory, cognitive ability, and so on.

Benefits of Microdosing

The benefits of microdosing don’t just include those attributable to enhanced neural connections, though. Microdosing causes a whole host of different improvements that can affect our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health (and yes, believe it or not, your spiritual health can be immensely useful for helping to set up a good business.)

Stay Active

Here are some of the various ways that microdosing can help you improve your productivity, both on the job and off.

  • Increased cognitive performance. Microdosing is most often used in the business world because of the way that psychedelics (in low doses, at least) can help people improve their overall cognitive performance. There are lots of different reasons that this might be the case: increased cortical stimulation, activation of serotonergic neurons, increased BDNF… the list goes on. Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that microdosing can enhance working and long-term memory, as well as increase cognitive assessment.


  • Increased emotional health. Whether or not you know it, your emotional health plays a pretty huge role in your productivity at work. And while our society doesn’t often encourage us to show our emotions, that doesn’t mean they’re not there, lurking in the background.Psychedelic microdoses can help you regulate your emotional health and can even help prepare you for the challenging and ever-exciting process of working through repressed emotions.


  • Improved energy. Microdoses can help to provide you with more energy. They can do this in a manner much different than regular stimulants like caffeine. Whereas caffeine and other nervous system stimulants cause a burst of energy followed by a crash, instead, psychedelics provide users with a sense of sustainable vitality.


  • Increased groundedness and focus. Psychedelic microdoses have widely been used to enhance focus. This allows people to concentrate for a great deal longer during school or work.Psychedelics also provide users with a feeling of ‘groundedness,’ a sort of inner focus and concentration that allows one to remain conscious and aware of the present moment. Groundedness is the foundation for spiritual work and, in the business world, is a necessity if you want to stay focused on your goals and turn them into accomplishments.


  • Improved creativity. Creativity is a necessary component for people of all sorts, whether they are business professionals or musicians. Increased creativity means an increased ability to solve problems and come up with new solutions and ideas.


  • Increased sensitivity and sensory perception. Whether or not this is a benefit might depend a bit on your particular line of work. Psychedelics can improve your sensitivity to external stimuli and heighten your senses, making you better capable of seeing, hearing, and feeling things. The changes won’t turn you into a superhuman, but they can certainly provide a tangible improvement in your ability to sense things in the world around you.

How to Microdose

If you’re really interested in learning how to rewire your brain, you should learn a bit about how to microdose.

Obviously, the goal is to use a very small dose. But how, exactly, do you figure out such small dosages? Drugs like LSD and psilocybin are active in the microgram range, and even a full dose of either chemical would be so small that you wouldn’t be able to see it.

Your best bet is to either buy premade microdose products or purchase pure psychedelics in liquid form and dose them volumetrically. This means taking a certain amount of active psychedelics and adding water to the dosage until the solution reaches the desired potency.

For example, say you have 5 mL of LSD. 5 mL is 5,000 micrograms, and a dose of LSD is about 100 micrograms (people usually go with around 125 micrograms, but for simplicity’s sake we’ll stick with 100).

Since there are 1,000 micrograms in a mL, this means that there are 10 regular doses of LSD in a single mL of this solution. A mL is generally about 20 drops of a standard eyedropper, so that mL would be divided into 20 drops of 50 mcg each. This still isn’t quite a microdose range.

By doubling the amount of liquid in the solution, we would decrease the potency of each drop by half. So, if we add 5 mL of water to the solution so it now has a volume of 10 mL total, the dosage in each mL drops to 500 mcg and thus the dosage in each drop would be 25 mcg.

25 mcg is a lot closer to a microdose, and some people prefer to keep their microdoses at this level. However, this is still a fifth of a full-sized dosage of LSD. Many people will still experience some tangible effects at this dosage range, although full-blown hallucinations or any sort of trip are extremely unlikely.

Microdosing Schedule

time blocking

You shouldn’t microdose everyday.

Firstly, your body will start to develop a tolerance to the drugs. Psychedelics are notorious for causing the relentlessly quick development of tolerance; sometimes subsequent daily doses can lead to users requiring twice as large of a dose as they did the day before.

Secondly you don’t want to get psychologically dependent on these drugs. While psychedelics don’t cause physical addiction in the same way that opiates or alcohol do, it’s possible to develop one.

That said, microdosing a couple of times a week should be fine. When you do it is up to you, although most people prefer to do it first thing in the morning. Some take their microdose with their coffee, others replace their coffee with microdose. We recommend the latter to avoid any chance of building any new habits. Keeping substances separate allows you to avoid any unwanted interactions and also to avoid becoming accustomed to enjoying the effects of multiple substances together, thus losing interest in either substance on its own.

Some people prefer to take their microdose during or after lunch. There’s nothing wrong with this but be careful to make sure that you don’t take it too late in the day otherwise you might end up with insomnia.

Psychedelic Therapeutic Research – Safety & Precautions

Science Microdosing

Anyone interested in using microdoses for business mental health should be aware of the safety profile of these practices – or, rather, the lack thereof. There hasn’t been any long-term data done specifically regarding the use of psychedelic therapy.

Fortunately, the new science of psychedelics is based upon the old, and one of the reasons that psychedelics remain popular is that they’re generally quite safe. Most psychedelics, and certainly the common ones like LSD and psilocybin, are non-toxic at even extremely high doses. People have done insanely large doses of LSD and come back to find themselves clear-headed and healthy (after a day or two).

One thing to be aware of is the propensity for psychedelics to activate latent mental health disorders. If you have a family history of mental health diseases or if you think you’re developing a condition like schizophrenia or Alzheimer’s you’ll probably want to hold off on the microdosing.

The other thing to be cautious about is legality. Psychedelics are still considered illegal in most places, even if you’re only using sub-threshold doses. In countries like the United States, many psychedelics are Class I and can carry significant sentences if you’re caught with them in your possession.

If you’re concerned about trying to acquire illegal substances then there are many similar versions, called research chemicals, available online. Research chemicals are drugs that are structurally similar to popular drugs used for microdosing. The difference usually lies in the substitution of a single atom or group of atoms, and as such, the effects are usually the same as the original substance.

Research chemicals are usually designed specifically to fill a niche that was created when another chemical was criminalized. For example, LSD being made illegal led to the development of compounds like 1P-LSD.

Research chemicals are called this because there hasn’t been a lot of research done on them. In essence, you’re the one doing the research. Due to the similarity in chemical structure and effects, one would assume that they operate by affecting the same neurotransmitter systems and thus have similar safety profiles. But we can’t be sure.

Final Thoughts on How to Rewire Your Brain

Microdosing psychedelics is a great way to boost performance and productivity both at work and during your time off. Psychedelics can rewire your brain by enhancing your creativity and energy levels and by encouraging you to find new approaches to your goals and offerings.

Microdosing is mos likely safe considering it’s safe to consume full-sized doses of psychedelics, at least occasionally. No data exist regarding the long-term use of daily microdoses so it’s best to avoid dosing every day. Not only might this create risks, but your tolerance will also increase rapidly.

As long as you’re okay with this amount of data, then you may wish to experiment with psychedelics.



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