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How to Optimize your Microdoses to the Fullest


Microdosing is a growing practice that is taking the Globe by storm! This is a method that can improve multiple brain functions. Some include but are not limited to creativity, cognitive function, neuroplasticity, mood, focus, memory, etc. Essentially, microdosing is the act of ingesting a tiny amount of a psychedelic substance to enhance one’s life in various aspects.

Although this practice has a lot of useful benefits, it can be a bit difficult to find your sweet spot with it. This brain-boosting method is an extremely personal practice and everyone’s microdosing journey is different. That being said, some optimization is necessary if you want to get the most out of your doses.

In this article, I will be going over some key areas that you may want to consider optimizing. I have been microdosing for nearly 5 years and it took me a while to get into a flow with my doses, especially considering there wasn’t much available information on the practice 5 years ago. The following information includes what I consider key points of optimization for any microdosing journey!


Initial Motive

This point is more suitable and helpful for someone who is new to the practice. I always suggest to new users to figure out their motive(s) with the practice. Maybe sit down with yourself and reflect on why you are doing it in the first place and what you are hoping to get out of it. Take a look at your lifestyle, your work, your hobbies and yourself to asses what your doses could do for you! This can help you in optimizing further. I am a firm believer in the impact of intention which is why I always suggest a bit of reflection before optimizing other areas.


Compound of choice

When it comes to microdosing, there are 2 typical categories of psychedelics that individuals go for Lysergamdies and Tryptamines. To make it simple, LSD fall into the Lysergamide category and Psilocybin (magic mushrooms/truffles) fall into the Tryptamine category but many users reach for other substances within these two categories. LSD and magic mushrooms/truffles are by far the most popular substance to use in this practice.

Very honestly, I find experimenting with both gave me a similar list of benefits, only some benefits were stronger with LSD vs magic mushrooms and vice versa. At Microdose Journey, we typically suggest our Lysergamide microdosing product to those who are ‘‘on the grind’’ and we suggest our Psilocybin microdosing product to those who lead a more creative life and ‘‘go with the flow’’ lifestyle.

This practice is a non-psychoactive brain-boosting method, meaning you will not get ‘‘high’’. Instead, you will just feel a bit sharper, a bit more motivated/inspired and just more ‘‘on it’’ than usual but there is no high involved if you do it right! That being said, the difference between using Lysergamdies and Tryptamines is barely noticeable. After years of experimenting with both, I can say that Lysergamides are slightly more stimulating, meaning they are better for when you have a deadline to meet, whereas using Tryptamines is best suited for a creative project.

Please note that switching between these two throughout your journey is completely fine! Rotating is fine as long as you do not take both options on the same dose day. Experimenting is good because everyone is different!



Another thing to think about is your microdosing schedule. Many individuals follow the typical ‘‘One day on, two days off’’ protocol. However, you can dose whenever you want as long as you give yourself a few days in between your doses. For example, some students only microdose when they are studying to increase their focus and productivity. Or some creatives only microdose when they are working on a creative project or when they are experiencing a ‘‘creative draught’’.

Figuring out your microdosing motive (as stated above) will help you optimize your schedule. Once you know why you are dosing, then you will know when to dose. Just like all aspects of the practice, your schedule can change whenever you feel like it can be improved.



This is perhaps one of the most tricky things to figure out about this practice. Dosage is different from person to person. Some things to consider are weight, lifestyle, diet, sensitivity, etc. This is an area where you really need to listen to your mind and body. Get in touch with how you are feeling and gain a deeper sense of connection with your mind/body. If you listen closely, your body is sending you signals, telling you exactly what it needs/doesn’t need.

Another thing to make things a bit more difficult when figuring out your sweet spot with your dosage is the day-to-day changes. Your doses can hit you completely differently from one dose day to the next. This can be down to a multitude of factors. If you are taking the exact same dosage of the same compound but it hits you differently than the last, then it will not be because of the compound you took. It will be because of a change in your day.

For example, let’s say your last dose was taken on a day when you ate a full breakfast and drank a large glass of water before taking your dose and the next dose was taken on an empty stomach with little-to-no water. This can drastically change the way it hits you. A little microdosing hack is tracking your experiences, which is our next and last point to go over.






When you keep a consistent log of your dose days it makes optimizing go so much more smooth. For example, when I started my microdosing journey years ago I decided to track my progress. I noticed that some days I would feel extremely over-stimulated, resulting in feelings of anxiety and restlessness. I have no idea why some days my doses helped my anxiety and other days it actually made my anxiety worse until I started tracking my doses. I quickly noticed that it was not my doses that were the issue, it was what I was consuming alongside my doses. At that point in my life, I was drinking coffee only a few days a week, typically on busy days. It was clear to me when looking back at my tracking journal that whenever I would have a coffee alongside my microdoses, I would experience extreme over-stimulation and anxiety.

I searched the web to see if there was any reaction between caffeine and psychedelics and I couldn’t find anything. However, I sure did feel like there was a reaction happening! As soon as I stopped having coffee on dose days, my anxiety nearly disappeared! One tiny change made the world of a difference for me, which is why I believe that documenting your doses days and how they make you feel is an exceptional tool for optimizing your practice.


Final Thoughts: See the Change – Make the Shift

To close off this blog, I would like to say my last tip for optimizing your microdoses would be practising mindfulness. When you start microdosing, you will have all kinds of fresh perspectives popping into your head. This practice is deeply personal in the way that it forces you to take a look at yourself and the World around you.


Many dosers claim it ‘‘rewires the brain’’ and there is some evidence supporting these claims. Be not only prepared to see new perspectives but to implement the changes you experience. Don’t be afraid of change. Life is all about becoming the best version of yourself. Don’t only optimize your doses, but also the rest of your life with the help of microdosing.








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