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The Latest Holistic Treatments That Change People’s Lives

The latest Holistic treatments offer ways of alleviating the effects of ADHD and autism. By incorporating all aspects of a person’s health, including physical/mental health, their social environment, and negative effects associated with ADHD and autism can be reduced.

This article examines some ways that these conditions can be treated using a holistic approach.

Behavioural approaches

set up goals

ADHD and autism both cause anxiety and stress for victims. Even the smallest unexpected situation or interruption of a routine can knock out their equilibrium. Too many sensory experiences at the same time can also cause negative effects for people who have ADHD and autism. Limiting the effect of these complications is an important part of a holistic plan.

A perfect place to start is to create a structured routine, limit the number of distractions during a day, and put the framework in place for an organized schedule. Alongside this, setting personal goals for the day and on a longer-term basis should help create focus on tasks such as work or education, creating a sense of accomplishment and positivity.


full plate of food

As simple as it may sound, eating a healthy/balanced diet is important as part of holistic treatments for both ADHD and autism. When dealing with disease of any kind, awareness around both harmful and beneficial foods should always be a strong priority. A European study found that nearly three-quarters of children showed a 50% reduction in signs of ADHD when eliminating certain foods from their diet.

Links have been established between high carbohydrate, sugar consumption, and a person’s level of impulsive behaviour. Similarly, people with ADHD and autism should avoid high levels of sugars, dairy products, and gluten because these are known to reduce the levels of blood circulating to the brain. Also, make sure you keep your fat, salt, artificial colouring, and preservative intake to a minimum to help reduce tension and stress.

Pack as many natural fruits, vegetables, and salads as possible into your diet. Additionally, be sure to increase your intake of fatty acids known as omega-3, which is extremely beneficial to brain health! Protein is also known to be positive for people living with ADHD and autism because they help control blood sugar levels. These are known as good ‘brain foods’ and help stimulate positive neurotransmitters.

Increasing your levels of vitamins such as zinc and iron is also a great way of boosting positive cranial activity through diet. Getting in your daily greens, such as spinach and broccoli, are two great ways of doing just that.



In conjunction with a healthier diet, make sure you get in regular exercise. Working in 45 minutes of fairly intense exercise for 3-4 days a week is not only good for your body but your brain, as well. A stimulated and refreshed brain is less likely to be distracted or stressed. By incorporating regular exercise, you will also increase your body’s ability to relax, assisting your circadian rhythm to regulate and help you get to sleep at night more effortlessly. We all know that sleep is essential for a high-functioning individual!

Yoga is also known to provide several positive benefits to people living with ADHD and autism. The technique is built around wellbeing, a calm environment, and the control of the mind/body. As well as the physical benefits of improving coordination and motor skills, yoga has also demonstrated an ability to reduce anxiety levels.

Other relaxation techniques such as tai chi can also help alleviate stress and demonstrably reduce symptoms of ADHD and autism, such as hyperactivity. Reduced anxiety levels via tai chi is also linked to lower mood swings and daydream. It also showed reductions in the number of strange reactions to situations.

Practicing yoga and other relaxation techniques regularly with your child is highly recommended. Short sessions of around 20 minutes twice a week are perfect. This regularity also reinforces structure which is a known stress reducer.

Music therapy can also be utilized to help people living with ADHD and autism. Listening to relaxing music in a calm environment can help reduce stress and give a healthy escape from reality. Music can also help to improve communication skills and social interactions in sufferers.

Latest Holistic Treatments: Natural remedies and herbal treatments

natural remedies

Research is still ongoing with the effectiveness of natural remedies as part of holistic treatment plans for ADHD and autism. Patients have been known to feel better due to taking specific herbal medicines, but ask a doctor if you are taking any medication to ensure that the combination is right.

Improving concentration and sleep patterns has also been linked to natural oils such as lavender, rosemary, and CBD. These can help to provide relaxation, which is an important part of ADHD and autism treatment plans.

Daily structure and discipline

time blocking

Parenting styles can also play a part in reducing stress levels associated with ADHD and autism. In a study of different parental approaches between the US and France, some revealing differences were evident in children’s daily structure. Most notable were the differences between disciplines.

This evidence may also show that structured eating patterns can help alleviate symptoms of ADHD and autism. Not allowing children to snack between meals and adhere rigidly to set meal times can reduce stress levels by providing order.

Building a structured weekly schedule such as sports, music lessons, and other extracurricular activities can also help. The structure of the schedule can provide relaxation and calm to an ADHD or autistic child. At the same time, the mental stimulation that the activities provide also offer health benefits and positive energy. These clear schedules and limits provide a feeling of security and confidence in children.

In summary

This article has outlined ways that people suffering from ADHD and autism can create a more structured routine and suggested some easy ways of effecting positive change into their daily lives. One of the most important things is to produce a schedule of activities each week and to stick to that schedule.

Through a combination of these techniques, people can bring more control into their lives and create healthy brain stimulation. The benefits following these tips will positively ripple into all other aspects of life.



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