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Micromush – Microdosing Truffle Kit 1 month



This product contains 12x Micromush and 12x lions mane mushroom, enough for 1 month (following the one day on, two day off cycle).


MicroMush – 1 Month Plan


Are you one of those individuals that are constantly looking to improve your mental vitality? If so, you have come to the right place. This product can be used as an exceptionally effective tool to unlock your full potential in life. When we open our horizons and increase our performance, our lives become a lot easier and the world around us gets much brighter.


MicroMush is a brain-boosting supplement that is made from magic truffles. This is a microdosing product, meaning the dosage is so small that it does not result in any psychoactive effects. This supplement can help you feel more revitalized, refreshed, and focused! By taking this cognitive enhancer, you can expect to experience some of its impactful benefits.


Everyone’s microdosing journey is unique and everyone seems to find their own benefits within this product-what will you discover?


Product Highlights and Benefits:


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Gluten-Free
  • Promotes Neuroplasticity
  • Enhances Cognitive Functions
  • Amplifies Creativity
  • Increases Brain Functions
  • May Stabilize Mood/Emotions
  • May Help Reduce Stress and/or Anxiety
  • May Help Reduce Symptoms of Depression
  • May Increase Self Motivation/Inspiration
  • May Positively Effect General Performance and Productivity


3 reviews for Micromush – Microdosing Truffle Kit 1 month

  1. Meg

    The day after microdosing truffles and I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders, I have clarity of thought, more energy and an increased positive outlook.
    Yesterday everything was shining brighter than a normal day. I noticed more the beauty in nature, I listened in amazement to the sound of the resonance caused by plucking a single guitar string, I cried about something I’ve been trying to avoid instead of just going on social media, I had some stern but loving words with myself, I had SO much fun at martial arts training and then spent far too long singing in the shower.
    Definitely going to try to keep this up in the 3 day cycle, although I need to be stricter with myself not drinking caffeine on microdosing days!

  2. Linda Miller (verified owner)

    I really love the new product! I find MicroMush is best for my creative work and 1PD is better for when I need to really focus and complete other tasks. This is my personal take from the products, I know it varies from person to person. Love them both so much for slightly different reasons! I have been on the 1 day on, 2 days off suggested plan since these came out and I am loving it! Feeling super energized, motivated, creative, and overall more happy. 🙂

  3. alexcoitus (verified owner)

    Very nice product, i take it every 2 days, to me it has a calming effect than 1PD which is on the energetic side, i got a bit more talkative, relaxed my stress and anxiety, and feel better for sure, i would recommend it !

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