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Unlock Your Creativity With Magic Mushrooms

What is ‘creativity’? Creativity, by definition, is: ‘the use of imagination and/or original ideas with the motive to create something. Essentially, being creative is inventing or creating something that originates from your own unique ideas that come from your imagination. Simple!-Right? Well, not exactly. For some, creativity flows a lot more naturally than it does for others. Certain individuals have a hard time creating things and ideas, whilst others go through their creative process more effortlessly. Both are fine, of course-however, it definitely sucks when you depend on your creativity for something and you are let down by your incapability to come up with something on the day you need it.

They say, ‘creativity cannot be rushed’… But we all know that is (sometimes) bullsh*t! Unfortunately, you may have to rush your creative process, especially if your finances depend on it. Personally, I am a creator and I make all of my money from creating things, from writing articles, to product photography, to making cooking blogs, and filming/editing videos. I know, first hand, that the idea of not rushing your creativity seems great-until you have a few thousand word article due the next day and the clock has struck 11 pm.

Have you ever experienced a ‘creative rut’? This basically means that you go through a period, short or long, where you struggle with creating ideas and things. There are a lot of ways you can tackle this issue. As times goes on and more creators surface in society, we are becoming more creative with ways to boost our creativity- oh, the irony!

You may have heard of trying exercise to assist your creative flow. Maybe you’ve tried meditating to ‘rewire’ your brain into being more creative. Perhaps listening to some good ol’ music that usually inspires you is something you’ve also turned to. I, as a creator myself, know the helpless feeling of trying all these different methods, only to be let down and feeling even more discouraged than when I began. This whole scenario can make me feel pretty anxious and doubt myself as a creator.

But what if I told you that there is a new method on the rise? This method is what we will be discussing in the rest of this article. That method is: using magic mushrooms to help boost your creativity!

What are ‘Magic Mushrooms’?

Before we get into this topic too mush-oops, I mean much! I think it is important for us to go over the first question someone might ask when discussing this topic. That question being ‘what are magic mushrooms?’. Well, I am glad you asked as you will need to know this first! Magic mushrooms are a type of fungi that occur naturally or in a lab. The most important thing you need to know about these mushrooms is their difference to other mushrooms that you may find in the supermarket. These mushrooms, hence the name, are indeed ‘magic’. Well, okay… perhaps they aren’t literal ‘magic’. But they are the next thing closest to ‘magic’ in my opinion.

Magic mushrooms are a psychoactive fungi that fall into the hallucinogenic category. Taking as small of a 2-3 gram dosage can completely strip you of reality and question your own existence. Ingesting these mushrooms can take you on a long, strange trip ranging from 4-9 hours. Since these mushrooms are grown and not synthesized, the dosage can be very ‘hit and miss’. For example, 3 grams of one batch can feel far more potent than 6 grams of a different batch. Meaning it is smart practice to A) always have a sober trip sitter present, B) always try to start with a small trip to test the batch of mushrooms before going all in. If you have a bag of magic mushrooms, perhaps give 2 grams a go to test the waters. When you get a feeling for how potent the batch it, try a larger amount if desired. It may also be worth mentioning to, of course, always make sure it is legal to ingest these mushrooms depending on where you live.

The effects of magic mushrooms can vary. Some common effects are:

  • Increased heart rate & blood pressure

  • Impaired motor skills

  • Overflowing sense of ‘one-ness’ & connection

  • Dry mouth

  • Nausea/Vomiting

  • Sense of ‘self’ is lost

  • Colours are saturated and often morph

  • Consistent feelings of bliss

  • Physical surroundings breathe, move, melt, morph, and/or pulse

  • 5 Senses are increased/jumbled

  • Concept/experience of ‘time’ is alarmingly warped

  • Irregular sweat gland function

  • Distorted depth perception

The psychoactive compound found in these potent mushrooms is called psilocybin. These mushrooms can grow on every continent, however, the majority are found in subtropical humid forestry.

Since psilocybin mushrooms fall into the hallucinogenic category, they are best known for their vivid hallucinations and ‘trippy’ effects. With pretty much any hallucinogen, the higher the dosage, the stronger the effects. Taking small amounts of these mushrooms, also known as microdosing(, has its own effects as well. In this article, we aren’t really focusing on any specific dosage. Instead, we are going to look at magic mushrooms on a wider spectrum. Let’s move on and look at how these magical little guys can help you generate more creativity.

mushrooms for creativity

How can I use Magic Mushrooms to boost my creativity?

Now that we are a little bit more familiar with what magic mushrooms actually are and how they can affect you, let’s talk about how they can impact your creativity. You may or may not already be aware of the fact that increased creativity is one of the most commonly discussed benefits of magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms, like many psychedelic substances, are known to promote neuroplasticity. Knowing this will help you pin-point why the creativity of many is boosted via the usage of psilocybin.

You may be wondering, ‘what is neuroplasticity’? Essentially, it is your neural network’s ability to change, grow, and reorganize. These ‘reorganizations’ and changes range from individual neurons creating new connections in the brain, to systematic adjustments. This also means your neurons are more likely to go down other pathways that are not as worn in or as frequently used. This gives you a ‘think outside the box’ approach, which is where creativity is often sparked.

If ingesting magic mushrooms creatives new neural connections in the brain, this means your process of thought expands and you are able to come to multiple conclusions. This is why taking psilocybin, as well as other psychedelics, is known to be good for problem-solving and general cognitive function. If you are looking to improve your creativity, but are not willing to experience an intense trip, that is totally understandable. Luckily, due to newer ideas/ways of using magic mushrooms and other psychedelics, there is a new practice called ‘Microdosing’, which I breifly mentioned above. This is when you take a tiny, or micro-amount, of a psychedelic substance to gradually improve your life. People all over the world microdose different psychedelics. Microdosing magic mushrooms seems to be one of, if not the most, common psychedelics that are used for microdosing. It is known to help increase your focus, mood, creativity, and more. This is a great alternative to expand your creativity without having to take a bigger dose of magic mushrooms.

Besides microdosing, taking a psychoactive amount can also really help with creativity. Some individuals would argue that it helps with your creativity more than taking microdoses. A lot of people leave a mushroom trip feeling pretty inspired and refreshed. The famous ‘afterglow’ happens after a mushroom trip. This can leave you feeling ‘reborn’ with an overflow of appreciation for life. Pretty much everyone I have spoken to about magic mushroom trips that they have had all say they can feel a noticeable difference in their mind/mindset after a night spent tripping. This difference can linger for weeks, even months.

The world’s first-ever brain scan on an individual who had taken LSD has been done recently, showing some majorly positive differences in brain activity when under the influence of LSD. Needless to say, this suggests that the same is goes for magic mushrooms and other psychedelic compounds. Hopefully, as time goes on and there is more normalization surrounding psychedelics, more studies can be conducted and more questions can be answered with science, data, and facts.

All I can say is: if you are having trouble with keeping your creative juices flowin’, perhaps you should give psilocybin mushrooms a chance and see if they can help you. These mushrooms are without a doubt potent in magic when it comes to creativity.



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