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Things to do on Shrooms

Magic mushrooms are very appealing when hearing about all the blissful and life-changing experiences they have provided for so many individuals. Some people report that taking magic mushrooms was the single most impactful experience of their life. This is a broad statement, yet it seems to be recurring in the psychedelic community.

Depending on your dosage and the strength of the batch of your mushrooms, your only desire may be to simply wrap yourself up in a fuzzy blanket and stare at your usually plain living room walls while having your mind blown by mental, visual, and sensory hallucinations. However, you may get an urge amongst these reality-bending moments to do something other than sitting back and enjoy the effects.

Essentially, this article will be my personal suggestions on fun things to do on mushrooms and how you may be able to enhance your overall experience through some pretty simple activities. I will put each activity into its own section along with a little write-up on why I suggest these specific things. Although you might not feel bored, you may want something to do and these ‘regular’ activities definitely hit different during a psychedelic adventure.


Create, create, create! Making art is one of the best ways you can spend your time during a psychedelic trip.

Magic mushrooms are one of the most intense sources of creativity you can get your hands on. These little psychedelic fungi will send your mind in thousands of different directions all at once and will bring you beyond the horizons of your usually limited imagination.

Whether this is painting, singing, crafting, doodling, writing, or any type of creation, you will feel like a child again and be left with the utmost feelings of freedom.

Exercising our creative sides through artistic expression is one of the best ways to return to that carefree, experimental, and joyful child-like self that is still buried within us. Next time you are ready to embark on a mushroom journey, try laying out some art supplies beforehand and see what happens!


One of the most healing places we can be is surrounded by nature. Magic mushrooms, a naturally occurring psychedelic, will inevitably create a deeper sense of connection with the Earth and existence.

Life is beautiful and one thing that shows us that with pure clarity is the beauty that can be found in nature. We are a product of mother nature which may be why we can feel so at home when we spend time in a forest or on a beach. Nature is something that connects us all. Try spending your next trip outdoors and take in all that nature can teach us about ourselves and the world.

Of course, ensure you have a trip sitter present before venturing into the forest high on mushrooms to make sure you have someone to be there in case you get lost or need some assistance. Nothing will ever beat some magic mushrooms in your belly, greenery surrounding you, and fresh perspectives racing through your being.


Being in or around water is a magical and hypnotic way to add a lot of value to any trip. We can learn a lot by sitting next to rushing water or listening to waves crash before us when we are sober, never mind tripping!

There is something so special and sacred about the flow of water. If you are looking for a powerfully cleansing trip, try emerging yourself in some fresh water and let it work its magic. Water can work wonders for the soul and is an element that plays a huge role in our every day lives, yet its significance is often ignored. Of course, always have a trip sitter present, especially if you are going to take a dip in a body of water.


Music and movement: the iconic duo. Personally, I always make sure I am going into a trip with a pre-made playlist that really hits home for me.

The music you choose can make or break a psychedelic experience. I usually go for a happy playlist that makes me feel uplifted, safe, and comfortable. Music can be so healing and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Pick your favourite songs, add them to a playlist, find a warm blanket or a cozy spot, take some mushrooms, and let the beautiful melodies take over.

Positive music can also help you from taking a turn as well. If you are feeling unsettled, your happy tunes from your playlist may be exactly what you need to be brought back down to earth.

It can be hard to operate a phone while on mushrooms, especially if it looks like your phone is literally melting in your hands! This is where your trip-sitter comes to save the day, once again! Make sure your trip-sitter is well aware of the music that makes you feel safe so they know what to play and when to play it. Nothing compares to listening to your favourite feel-good songs, moving and grooving, with overwhelming freedom and pure love rushing through your veins!

Dreamy Atmosphere

Okay, this isn’t something you ‘do on mushrooms’ but it is something you can do beforehand that will make the world of a difference.

Something I always like to do is prepare my space before consuming my mushrooms. I find it much more pleasant to trip in a clean and tidy place. I also like to set up my space mindfully before embarking on my journey, taking everything into account and trying to make it the most comfortable it can be. This can be by littering my living room with cozy pillows and blankets. It can also be adding fairy lights or other lights with trippy effects that aren’t too intense. I feel like I become very intimate with your surroundings when tripping, which is why I find it important to prepare my space beforehand and create a dreamy atmosphere for myself.

You will be interacting with your physical space a lot, so make sure it is ‘trip friendly’. You can find cheap ‘water effect’ coloured lights and many other things along those lines online. They are definitely worth the investment and will add so much value to any psychedelic experience.

Just make sure you don’t go for any super intense lighting set-ups so it will not overwhelm you. Think about how lost in curiosity you can become with a blank wall when on mushrooms… Now imagine if that blank wall had colours rippling across it! Need I say more?

There are so many other things to do on mushrooms and your only limit is your imagination.  It can be very helpful to know different ways to get the most out of your trip.

Magic mushrooms can be extremely impactful and can change the way you look at yourself and the world around you for the rest of your life. This trippy fungus is super powerful and has so much to offer humanity. I wish you luck as you embark on your mushroom journey.


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