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Are Psychedelics for Everyone?

The short answer is no! Psychedelics are extremely intense and life-changing when a micro-dose is exceeded.

I am going to talk about something that I see popping up a lot in the psychedelic community that I do not support; the idea that every single person should be taking psychedelic substances.

I can see where this ideology is coming from, however, I think that stating every single person should be doing psychedelics is not a logical one. Let me break this down for you.

It puts a bad rep on the psychedelic community

I feel like individuals outside of the community lose interest when you have people stating the ‘extremes’.

If the community took a more ‘those who seek out the benefits should do psychedelics’ approach instead of a ‘everyone should just do psychedelics!’ we would be taken a lot more seriously.

Demanding that the world would be a better place if every single person took psychedelics is pretty bias if you ask me. I see the same thing happening in the Cannabis community and I think it is counterproductive!

Psychedelics are not suitable for those dealing with mental disorders

mental disorder

Those who suffer from mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, should not necessarily be doing psychedelics.

These individuals are at a much higher risk of a bad trip and in some cases, even psychosis. While psychedelics have helped countless people in the past overcome mental illnesses, it should not be so loosely advised that all, including those with mental disorders, should do psychedelics.

Some people simply do not wish to do psychedelics

Even if psychedelics may have changed your life in drastically positive ways it does not mean that they are well suited for everyone. Psychedelics enhance all of your senses/emotions by an indescribable and unbelievable amount.

Anything you are thinking or feeling will be amplified by what feels like a million!

That being said, if you are experiencing a dark period of your life, psychedelics may be the best or the worst thing you could possibly do at that point in time… But it is not up to someone else to decide for you whether this risk is worth taking and not wanting to take that risk must be respected.

Psychedelics have their time and place

Psychedelics are intensely sacred and shouldn’t be pushed onto others before they are ready. Yes, there are going to be so many individuals who will never try psychedelics even though it would have helped them greatly, but that is beside the point.

Everyone should have a choice to the experiences they embark on and pushing psychedelics onto people who are not ready or acting condescendingly towards them does not help the psychedelic movement whatsoever.

If having a psychedelic trip is for everyone, then what about microdosing?

woman taking a pill

Again, no, even microdosing is not for everyone.

While microdosing is a great option for those who want the benefits of psychedelics without the high, some individuals do not feel ready to microdose either and that is 100% okay. Microdosing of course does not provide a high if done correctly but if you do not want to try it then do not try it. Simple!

Additionally, demanding microdosing upon an individual who does not want to try it (just because microodsing has worked well for you) is not an effective way to get someone into microdosing.

Additional Thoughts:

I do understand that those who think everyone should be taking psychedelics is coming from a pure place with good intentions. When you see the power of psychedelics and gain the life-changing benefits from these kind of experiences, all you want is for everyone else to have these amazing experiences too! I totally get it, you want everyone to do psychedelics because you want to spread that overflowing love and bliss that comes along with it.

Perhaps a lot of the fear around trying psychedelics is due to a lack of understanding of these substances. That being said, why would you want to push the psychedelic experience onto someone who does not understand these compounds in the first place?

These substances are sacred in my eyes as well as the eyes of many. The complexity that comes with psychedelics is ocean deep and nothing about them is black and white. Many in the psychedelic community are well aware of this. However, I still find those who understand this to be unmindfully preaching that everyone everywhere should be using psychedelics.

Yes, the world would likely be a better place if more people used psychedelics but that does not necessarily mean we should be promoting that everyone should be using them. If we want to expand the community, we need to stop with this radical demand. The only way to extend the psychedelic community is to create open-minded discussion with those outside of it.

Of course, this is only a personal opinion and should be taken as such. All I am saying is that it may be time for us psychedelic users to reevaluate and reflect on our approach so we can not only have our voices heard but also respected. Collectively, I believe we can perpetuate our motive and normalise psychedelics with more mindfulness and less bias.

Open-mindedness is always the best policy when looking for real change.



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