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Microdosing LSD – The ultimate guide

All you need to know before starting your journey to microdosing LSD
The ultimate guide. 


‘LSD is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be’ – A quote by Albert Hoffman, the legendary man who invented LSD.

The odds are that you have already heard different uses of the term ‘microdosing’, which is probably why you are here. Have you been intrigued by the world of microdosing Psychedelics , but you are not sure where to start? It is okay, all of us fellow microdosers have been there before. It can be a strange and somewhat abnormal concept to take in, however, the results can be exceptionally beneficial to many individuals willing to give it a go.

In this article, we will be explaining how one can introduce microdosing into their life in the form of an essential guide. More specifically, we will be diving into the know-hows of microdosing LSD in particular.

What is LSD?

LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide or Acid) is a potent lysergamide that is classed as a hallucinogenic drug. LSD was first synthesized by Swiss scientist Albert Hoffman in the 1930’s during World War 2. The CIA conducted clandestine experiments with LSD as well as other drugs for various purposes. As time passed, the word of LSD got out and kick-started the 1960’s counterculture, eventually joining other recreational drugs at raves, parties, and festivals. During this time, LSD took over the party scene and that was the start of the famous 60’s ‘Acid Wave’ that remained strong until the late 1970’s.

LSD is potent enough to quite literally heighten the usage of the five Human senses; our ability to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch can become quite consuming after the effects of LSD kicks in. LSD is even known to jumble up the experiences of these five senses. For example: one may claim they are able to smell the color yellow during an LSD ‘trip’. These hallucinations are so crisp and feel so real to the individual that it is hard to differentiate what is real and what is part of the trip -reality becomes a questionable concept. The blurring of these lines can result in very humbling experiences- an individual may even ingest LSD and say they feel as though they are on the same scale of importance as an inanimate object, such as a wall or a cup of water.

While it can take 20-90 minutes before you begin to feel any effects of this hallucinogenic substance, the effects of a ‘full dose’ (generally 100mcg) of LSD can last anywhere from 6-14 hours! Although that may sound simply frightening to some, it highly excites others. For many years, there has been overflowing speculations of possible benefits that can surface when taking full doses of LSD. Years after this magical molecule has been floating around, people everywhere are finally beginning to accept that it could potentially be very beneficial to many different types of individuals for different reasons.

What is microdosing? 

Essentially, microdosing is the act of ingesting small micro-amounts of a substance at a time. Microdosing can be practiced by taking both psychoactive and non-psychoactive substances. However, in this case, we will be focusing on microdosing Psychedelics. You can microdose many different types of Psychedelics, some of the most commonly microdosed Psychedelic substances include LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms, and DMT.

If you take non-micro doses of these substances, you will more often than not endure absolutely mind-bending, reality-altering, profound experiences. You will have auditory and visual hallucinations and experience a peculiar thought process that is hard to articulate into words. Many people who have taken ‘normal’ or large amounts of these potent Psychedelic substances will report back that it was quite literally life-changing. These intense experiences, or ‘trips’, can change a perspective so vastly you can experience what some refer to as ‘ego death’… as nerve-racking as that may sound, countless individuals who have experienced such trips swear to their grave that they have come out a better person with a more positive outlook on life and existence with a higher sense of purpose in the world.

Whilst you can dive deep and experience a ‘rebirth’ in a sense when taking large amounts of Psychedelics, microdosing is nowhere near as intense or mind-blowing. A micro-dose of these Psychedelic substances holds no psychoactive effects- meaning that when you take such a small micro-amount, there are such subtle effects that you may not even notice them throughout your busy day. Instead, you may notice an increased sense of focus and motivation, or more of an ease to see the brighter side of a situation that might normally stress you out- it will affect how you react to your day.

It is known that there may be potential benefits to reap from including micro-amounts of Psychedelic substances in your lifestyle. Some individuals microdose LSD for depression whilst others microdose LSD for their high stress job. Overall, microdosers come in all shapes and sizes – in all senses of the phrase.

stressful job

Why should I try microdosing LSD? 

Everyone seems to have their reasons for microdosing LSD. There are little studies done on microdosing LSD as the idea has not been around too long and, as you can imagine, there is not a lot of funding going towards such a taboo topic such as Psychedelic research.

The more we look into it, the more we learn. At first, it seemed like a great way to boost your mood and generate an internal source of motivation, however more recently when looking at microdosing LSD, we can see that the list of benefits is growing far beyond what we could have imagined. Microdosing LSD holds potential applications to even help you on a neurological basis. Of course the more money, research, and time we put into studying the act of microdosing LSD, the more we can understand what it can do for humanity as a whole, not to mention the more solid research involving large numbers of people, the more inclined people will be to giving it a chance, leading to the eventual normalizing of the practice.

Some people microdose LSD to take an edge off their stressful job. Others use it to increase focus in a high-paced workplace. Some creatives/creators microdose LSD to spike their inspiration and creativity levels. In other regards besides work aspects, people with depression seem to have a lot of good things to say about microdosing LSD as well. In general, it seems microdosing LSD is a great tool to heighten motivation, focus, and provide an overall balanced mood and outlook on daily tasks.

How much/often should I microdose LSD? 

There are wide speculations around what the ‘correct’ dosage for a microdose of LSD is, as well as the microdosing schedule one should obtain. Of course, as you may have guessed, there is no set dosage when it comes to microdosing LSD and the microdosing schedules differ from person to person. However, anything over 20mcg is too high to be considered a microdose, as after 20mcg (and in some cases under 20mcg) it becomes slightly psychoactive. When looking online, reaching out to other fellow microdosers, or just trying it for yourself, there seems to be a popular pattern in regards to scheduling and dosages.

From what can be easily collected, microdosing is most commonly done with 10-15mcg of LSD maximum with a schedule of one day on and 2-3 days off. It cannot be stressed enough that a different schedule works for different individuals and their lifestyles. You will get your most accurate answer by trialing it yourself. Some people microdose every other day, whereas some microdose just once a week. Some only microdose when they have a big project with an upcoming due date or when they need to increase their focus to study for an important test/exam.

First you must ask yourself, ‘Why am I introducing microdosing LSD into my life? What benefits am I hoping to find?’. Once you have those answers, then you must ask yourself ‘To find/experience these specific benefits, when is it most important for me to microdose?’ and go from there. Ask around, read up about it, collect your information and work all of this into your practice. Eventually, you will hopefully find the best microdosing schedule for yourself that will help you unlock your full potential in life.

As for the dosage, it is not recommended to ingest over 15mcg to avoid any psychoactive effects. Try starting with 5mcg. If that is not enough, give 10 a try. If that still isn’t enough and you cannot notice any difference whatsoever, try 15mcg the next time. However, do not ever go over 15mcg.

Now remember, when microdosing LSD, the effects are meant to be minimal. You will not take a microdose of LSD and become superhuman. It will not magically help you get an A on an exam or somehow check everything off your mile-long to-do list. It is also important to remember that you may not reap the exact same benefits as someone else who microdoses, however, you may be able to stumble upon your own unexpected benefits.

The best advice is to go into it with an open mind and don’t expect it to fix your entire life for you. Figure out what dosage and schedule is best for your particular lifestyle and use microdosing as a tool to better yourself and assist you in reaching your goals.


The magical world of LSD is a vast one and is worth exploring whether that is via research, books, trip reports, Psychedelic art/music, ingesting a dose of LSD in a therapeutic setting, or giving microdosing LSD a try.

‘LSD is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be’ – A quote by Albert Hoffman, the legendary man who invented LSD.

What are the odds that you are alive at a time that something like LSD has popped up on the timeline of human existence? Especially considering we are living during a time where using large and small dosages for beneficial purposes is becoming accepted in modern society! What other psychoactive substances have opened up our definition of consciousness and pushed us to question the concept of reality and our connection with one another? We have a lot to thank both Albert Hoffman and LSD for. Excitingly enough, this is only the beginning of a much brighter future. All I can say is take advantage of it. What a time to be alive. Why not indulge in this beautiful Psychedelic microdosing movement? Start microdosing today.

*Disclaimer: Please make sure LSD is legal in your Country or you have your Doctor’s approval before ingesting. I do not endorse illegal activity, this article is for informational purposes. *



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