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Psychedelics as a Brain Hack

Psychedelics as a brain hack? Yes, believe it, or not psychedelics can help improve your brain.

With psychedelics, you can train your brain to function on a higher level by rewiring and challenging it. Whether you’re looking to improve memory, make or break a habit, or make better decisions. Psychedelics can help. And you don’t have to go on a “trip”.

Microdosing psychedelics also works as a brain hack. In addition to some natural remedies, psychedelics may be the best (if not the most effective) way to hack your brain.

Psychedelics as a habit-breaking hack

Habits are like hiking on a trail. The ground is well-worn, and the path is clear. You can daydream while walking. You’ll end up where you want because the trail’s markers are evident.

Like the dirt trail, habits are like grooves in your brain. The more you do some of them, the less you need to think about it. But like the hiking trail, it can take a while for the grass to grow back when you try to break a habit. It may take years before the track is completely covered. And you have to avoid that route. Even going back once or twice will delay the transformation. Likewise, it can take a long time to break a habit to the point that the brain forgets it even had it.

That’s where psychedelics come in. Once you’ve made a clear intent to break or make a habit, psychedelics can supercharge your decision by making your brain more open to transformation. At least, that’s what researchers found in their scientific review of the literature. Researcher Robin Carhart-Harris called it a “pivotal mental state.”

The brain’s neuroplasticity improves when you take psychedelics, such as LSD. The neural networks in our brains grow and reorganize. This growth happens a lot when we’re young, but as we age, neuroplasticity decreases.

That’s why it’s easier to learn new things when younger. It’s also easier to make or break habits when you’re younger. That’s where psychedelics come in as a brain hack.

Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep, eating habits, or exercise schedule – psychedelics are an excellent brain hack for forming habits. Likewise, psychedelics have shown positive results in breaking addictions.

intense exercise

Johns Hopkins has demonstrated how (alongside cognitive behaviour therapy) a psilocybin experience can end a lifelong cigarette habit. They’ve also shown how alcoholics can reduce or end their addiction after a psychedelic experience with psilocybin, LSD or DMT.

Psychedelics as a memory hack

Psychedelics work as a brain hack because memory plays a vital role in the experience. As one scientific paper put it, “The ability for psychedelics to provoke vivid memories has been considered important to their clinical efficacy.”

This makes psychedelics the perfect brain hack for performance and productivity. Research shows that memory impairment increases as one increases the dose. But among experienced psychedelic users, this isn’t always the case.

Researchers have noted users’ ability to recall and immerse themselves in biographical memories. This is partly what makes psychedelics useful for clinical psychological research.

If you’re trying to recall an old memory that you feel is holding you back, in the right setting, psychedelics can help you unlock that memory. But if you’re looking for a brain hack to increase your memory in general, look no further than microdosing.

Psychedelics as a decision-making hack

Psychedelics as a brain hack may not be for everyone. Some may feel too intimidated by a large dose or prefer a more grounded reality. Creative peoplestudents and academics, or entrepreneurs might benefit more from microdosing than a large amount.

Microdosing doesn’t produce the “trip” associated with psychedelics. The effects are so subtle that, at first, you may wonder if it’s all placebo. But research on microdosing indicates the benefits are genuine.

Many individuals have reduced procrastination and say they have less brain fog. Others note increased productivity. They’re not motivated because they think they need to be. But because they want to be.

That feeling probably comes from the mood-stabilizing effects of microdosing psychedelics. When you’ve got a lot of work in front of you or are in a position where you’re constantly making decisions, life can begin to feel overwhelming.

It can be challenging to stay positive, especially if some of your decision-making doesn’t pan out as intended. That’s where microdosing can work to raise your spirits.

But the most fantastic psychedelic brain hack comes from the cognitive benefits of microdosing. As mentioned above, psychedelics improve your neuroplasticity, allowing the brain to grow and reorganize. Microdosing also increases your ability to function at a higher cognitive level.

boost brain

That’s what makes psychedelics such a great decision-making hack. Whether in business or school, microdosing psychedelics is the ultimate brain hack.

If you’re uncomfortable with a hefty dose, that’s okay. Microdosing psychedelics work just as effectively. For students and entrepreneurs, it may be the preferred level of consumption. If you’re looking to function on a higher cognitive level, then experimenting with psychedelics is worth trying.

Natural remedies and psychedelics as a brain hack

Psychedelics may be an excellent brain hack, but it’s not enough to simply microdose LSD and expect top-tier results. You have to take care of yourself as well.

That means a healthy diet, plenty of sunshine, exercise, and an eight-hour sleep, and these are the basics. You can do plenty of other things to hack your brain and get the best results.

Combined with psychedelics (whether a large dose or a microdose), natural remedies like meditation and yoga can take your self-care journey to the next level.

Meditation, for example, increases one’s self-awareness. Like psychedelics, it promotes neuroplasticity in the brain, which allows you to take in new information and process it more easily. Yoga also improves neuroplasticity but also aids in reducing inflammation and stress.

While psilocybin mushrooms are an excellent brain hack, so are non-psychoactive edible mushrooms. They’re full of vitamin B, antioxidants, protein and fibre.

medicinal mushrooms

Some mushrooms have antioxidants that prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Other mushrooms, like Lions Mane, have been shown to help focus and memory.

Psychedelics as a brain hack

Psychedelics are an excellent brain hack. If your goal is to improve your brain’s function and connections, then psychedelics and natural remedies like meditation are your best bet. It is a fact psychedelics can rewire and reorganize your neural network, and with intention, you can use this strategically.

If you’re uncomfortable with a hefty dose, that’s okay. Microdosing psychedelics work just as effectively. For students and entrepreneurs, it may be the preferred level of consumption. If you’re looking to function on a higher cognitive level, then experimenting with psychedelics is worth trying.



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