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What does a microdose feel like?

I have been writing articles for Journey for literally years and I cannot believe I have not written an article that answers our #1 most common question, ‘What does a microdose feel like?’. Considering how frequently we are asked this question, we thought it was a very important article to write for those who are curious!

For some background, I have been working with Journey since they launched the first version of their website in 2017 as the first-ever legal microdosing company that offers a lysergamide option. I had not previously heard of microdosing and was what you could consider a ‘guinea pig’ for their product. Yup-I was the first person to try 1PD before it was tried on multiple other willing individuals and eventually publicly sold! Nowadays, I am their primary writer, offering the most high-quality information on microdosing that I can provide.

It has been a crazy ride so far. Even years later, I am still microdosing and am just as thrilled to offer my services to the community. With my years of microdosing experiences behind me, I am excited to go into more depth about what you can expect from your doses.

Please keep in mind that all microdosing benefits/effects vary. We are extremely unique creatures with complex bodies that receive substances differently. Something I love about the microdosing journey is that each one differs from the next.

What is a microdose?

Before I go any further, I would like to briefly go over another common question we get, ‘what is a microdose?’. Essentially, a microdose is a micro-amount of a psychedelics substance. This amount is so small that it does not offer any psychoactive effects, meaning you will not get high from taking a microdose, unlike if you were to take a larger dose of the same substance.

The motive of this practice is often to boost things like brain function, creativity, mood, productivity and much more! But what does it actually feel like? Let’s go over that now.

Microdosing mushrooms vs lysergamides

Before I explain how a microdose feels, please note that this is based on my own experiences with microdosing and it may vary from person to person. This does not reflect the microdosing spectrum as a whole. This article is written with a personal approach.

The two psychedelics that are used for microdosing are typically psilocybin and LSD, or other similar lysergamides which is the category that LSD falls into. I have a lot of experience with both psilocybin and lysergamides.

While they are similar, they do differ slightly. However, I find they differ enough for me to explain how they both feel separately. While they both offer the same benefits, they do feel a bit different.

mushroom in hand

What does microdosing feel like?

I have very little experience microdosing with magic mushrooms, however, I have microdosed with magic truffles more times than I can count! I consider these to have the same effects since the active ingredient in both naturally occurring fungi is psilocybin.

I also have a lot of experience with lysergamides. That being said, I can say that I believe the effects to be very similar, with only a few differences. I will go over what a general dose feels like to me and then highlight the differences at the end. Here is my take on it.

If I eat alongside my microdose (as is suggested) I have noticed it takes a lot longer to kick in. If I take my dose on an empty stomach, I can expect to feel something within 35-45 minutes. While the amount is so small and doesn’t offer psychoactive effects, there are some differences worth going over.

This can also change how strong my dose feels that day. As you may have guessed, having a dose on an empty stomach can make it feel much stronger vs if I were to dose after eating.


I find that my surroundings appear to be more vibrant and sharp! Colours appear slightly richer and textures become more clear. I am a huge nature lover and I believe there is a noticeable difference when I walk in the woods after taking a microdose. I suppose the best way to explain this is that your eyesight becomes more vivid and everything looks enhanced but not in a trippy or unsettling way!

vibrant colors


Taking a dose will without a doubt boost your overall focus. I am a person who suffers from severe brain fog. Like many individuals, I also have an intense hatred for mornings… While I still find it just as challenging to get up in the morning, the remainder of my mornings goes a lot smoother when I take a dose. My brain fog dissolves as soon as I feel my dose enter my system, helping me get a better start to my day where I can be more focused, concentrated and productive! I feel like my doses really wake up my brain in a balanced way!


As strange as it sounds, taking a microdose makes me feel more inclined to make better decisions for myself. For example, I find myself leaning towards wanting a salad instead of a burger. This is just one simple example but I find this aspect of taking a microdose can be found in a lot of daily decisions. Not only does it help me in making better decisions for myself, but it also helps me make better decisions in the workplace. Microdosing can help cognitive function, which is responsible for critical thinking and problem-solving. This is great for my work and personal life!


I also notice a shift in my mind-state. While it is subtle, it is noticeable. One time while visiting my family in Toronto, my dad gave me a call saying his truck was having issues and I had to come and pick him up from a location that was hours away. For additional insight, it was also in the middle of a snow storm!

Usually, it would stress me out that I had to drop all my work and drive in a storm to pick up my dad. However, I didn’t even have to be mindful about it like I usually would. Instead, I automatically thought ‘This is inconvenient, but not the worst thing in the world. At least my dad is okay. My work will have to wait.‘

While this is not always the case and a dose will not save you from all your stresses, it can help you think more logically in moments that are helpful and change your attitude on inconveniences and unexpected turns.



Although microdosing has helped me in an incredible amount of areas, I believe this to be the most impactful aspect of having this practice. When I have a dose, I feel like my emotions are simultaneously more deep and more controllable. I know this sounds very conflicting but bear with me!

Taking a microdose can help you tune into your emotions on a deeper level and get you in touch with yourself. However, it also can help you stabilize and ‘control’ your emotions.

I feel like the contrast of both heightened emotions and heightened emotional intelligence is the most beautiful thing I have gained from my microdosing experiences. I believe this to be the reason behind one of the most commonly reported benefits of microdosing; increased well-being.

In regards to the difference between using psilocybin vs lysergamides, the main difference I notice is stimulation.

When I take 1PD (lysergamide), I can feel that my brain is more stimulated. This means that when I have a lot of close deadlines to make or I need to study something, I usually turn to my 1PD tablets. While dosing magic truffles also helps me with this, I find 1PD a bit more helpful in this area.

On the contrary, I am a full-time creative/creator, which means I rely upon my creative thinking. While 1PD does enhance this as well, I find MicroMush (magic truffles) more effective.

That being said, I can suggest 1PD for students and business minds, while I can also suggest MicroMush for boosting creativity. Essentially, they both offer the same benefits but at different levels. However, both will do the trick! This is just advice I can give to those looking to optimize their doses.

Final thoughts

Overall, I feel like having a dose really gives you an extra bounce in your step. A microdose feels like being handed a lens that helps you view the world inside and around you with more clarity. Each journey is so special and unique, making it that much more exciting to explore. If you are looking to enhance your life and reach your full potential, I strongly advise you to try microdosing and discover yourself today!



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