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1PD – 1 Month Subscription Deal

You asked and we listened! We would like to offer a subscription package to those who follow our recommended microdosing schedule and order each month. To make things easier and cheaper for all our dedicated microdosers out there, we have created this special package!

From 27.20 / month


Save time, money, and hassle with this helpful microdosing option!


This one is for all of our fellow 1 day on, 2 days off clients! Reaping the benefits of microdosing doesn’t always require following a specific schedule. Many of our clients thrive off of dosing only when they find it necessary while others find a schedule to be most effective. If you are one of those people who prefers a schedule, then this subscription is for you!

Product details

This box contains 1PD tablets (x 11) and Lions Mane Capsules (x 11). This is enough for a 31-day microdosing cycle if you follow our recommended schedule (1 day on, 2 days off). 


Each tablet of 1PD contains 10cmg of our legal Lysergamide, which is manufactured in a high-tech legal laboratory in the Netherlands by the most trusted chemists in the psychedelic community!


How does the subscription work?


This subscription pack includes 1 month of 1PD tablets and 1 month of Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules. The packs are prepared so you will have exactly 1 month of doses if you follow our recommended dosing schedule:


Day 1: Dose Day

Day 2: Day Off
Day 3: Day Off



(1 days on, 2 days off)


But how does the subscription work? It is very simple! Place an order with this product in your cart to sign up for the subscription. Choose from 3-6 months of subscription at a time. Each month, you can expect a new microdosing pack to arrive with you! When your subscription has run out, simply place another order. 


The discounts available on this subscription pack:


3 months = 10% off

6 months = 15% off

12 months = 20% off


This subscription option makes microdosing easier than ever! 

Product Benefits

While each and every microdosing journey displays unique differences, there is a list of benefits we can share with you. Each microdoser gets different things out of their doses, however, some common benefits can be expected. 


Microdosing 1PD and Lions Mane Mushroom may:


  • Improve cognitive function and brain health
  • Work as a neural-protector 
  • Boost creativity
  • Promote a healthier immune system
  • Enhance performance & productivity
  • Lower chances of disease
  • Stabilize/lift mood
  • Work as an anti-inflammatory supplement
  • Increase focus & concentration
  • Promote neuroplasticity in the brain
  • Heighten the quality of your relationships
  • Minimize general brain fog
  • Reduce stress & ease anxiety
  • Encourage motivation and inspiration
  • Decrease symptoms of depression


What is 1PD?

1PD is a Lysergamide microdosing product designed by Journey to help you in reaching your full potential. We can all use an extra boost every now and then! 1PD has been used for many years by a variety of individuals across the globe with unique life paths. From stay-at-home mums to students to the brightest of business minds, scientists and musicians. Our unique 1PD formula has proven to add value to many different walks of life. This bottle contains 60 tablets of 1PD. Each tablet contains precisely 10mcg of our legal Lysergamide. Our tablets were made in a high-tech laboratory here in the Netherlands by the most trusted chemists in the community.


What is Lions Mane Mushroom?

Lions Mane Mushroom is a naturally occurring mushroom that is loaded with holistic benefits for both the mind and body. This amazing mushroom is a great brain-boosting nootropic that gives you a clear headspace so you can gain greater focus/concentration and minimise brain fog. Recent research has found this mushroom to be neural protective, with the possibility of combating different types of dementia. It is not only neural-protective, but it also can repair nerve damage following an injury. Many of its healing effects come from its strong anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant count. Additionally, it can assist in boosting the immune system, lowering the chances of some diseases. Lions Mane also has displayed its ability to decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression in multiple studies. Humans have been using Lions Mane for centuries and have evolved alongside the use of mushrooms, meaning our system welcomes many medicinal mushroom properties with open arms! 


Each capsule of Lions Mane Mushroom contains 500mcg of pure Lions Mane extracts! These capsules are made and packaged at our facility.


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