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MicroMush Subscription Pack

You asked and we listened! We would like to offer a subscription package to those who follow our recommended microdosing schedule and order each month. To make things easier and cheaper for all our dedicated microdosers out there, we have created this special package!

From 26.00 / month


This subscription pack includes 1 month of MicroMush doses and 1 month of Lions Mane Mushroom Capsules. The packs are prepared so you will have exactly 1 month of microdoses and lions mane mushroom capsules if you follow our recommended dosing schedule:

1 day on, two days off.

Place an order with this product in your cart to sign up for the subscription. Choose from 3-6 months of subscription at a time. Each month, you can expect a new microdosing pack to arrive with you! When your subscription has run out, simply place another order. Save time, money, and hassle with this helpful microdosing option!

The discounts available on this subscription pack:

3 months = 10% off
6 months = 15% off
12 months = 20% off

We thought this was a necessary service to offer since so many of our clients follow our suggested dosing schedule.

Happy dosing!


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