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Can microdosing improve your relationships?


Let’s face it: relationships are hard. No matter what, every relationship you carry out in your lifetime will be full of ups and downs. Navigating healthy relationships can be one of the most difficult challenges of the human experience. This is something we all deal with as a collective. There are many steps that we can take to improve our relationships. Microdosing is a simple tool that can be applied to such challenges. Due to the common benefits of microdosing, you can expect to see improvements in your relationships.

In this article, we will go over the potential benefits that microdosing can provide you in your platonic and romantic relationships as well as the most important relationship of all; the one you have with yourself.


What is microdosing?

For anyone new to the world of Microdosing, here is a brief explanation of this practice. Essentially, microdosing is an act of ingesting a very small, sub-perceptual dose of a psychedelic substance like LSD (Lysergamide), or psilocybin mushrooms (Tryptamine). The main idea behind microdosing is not to experience the full-blown mind-bending psychedelic trip. Instead, the aim is to reap the potential benefits of improved mood, creativity, focus, overall wellbeing and much more.

The doses are tiny compared to a regular or ‘full dose’. For example, a standard dose of LSD is 100mcg, whereas a typical microdose of LSD is anywhere between 5mcg and 15mcg! The practice has gained popularity in recent years, with many people using it as a way to enhance their brain function, which allows microdosers to experience a long list of benefits to follow.


How can microdosing improve relationships?

When it comes to relationships, we can break them down into three categories.

1. Platonic Relationships
2. Romantic Relationships
3. Relationship with the self

That being said, we’ve broken these relationship types up in the following sections.


Microdosing and Improving Platonic Relationships

If you are looking to improve your platonic relationships, microdosing can be an excellent method. One of the many ways microdosing can help improve platonic relationships is by increasing feelings of empathy, compassion/understanding and connection. When you microdose, it can help you be more present and engaged in conversations, allowing you to be a better listener which is key in any relationship type. This can help you develop deeper connections with people around you, including your friends, family, and colleagues.

In addition to increasing empathy, microdosing can also help improve mood and reduce anxiety. Social anxiety is a common problem that can hinder our ability to connect with others. However, microdosing can help reduce anxiety, making it easier to engage in social interactions. When you’re less anxious, you’re more likely to be present and engaged in conversations, leading to better, more meaningful connections with people.

Another way microdosing can help improve platonic relationships is by promoting creative thinking. With increased creativity comes increased problem-solving abilities. This can be helpful if conflict in your relationship(s) arises. When it comes to long-term relationships, being able to process, problem solve, come up with a solution and put it into action will help the longevity of any relationship.

Furthermore, microdosing can help you increase your self-awareness, which is key to improving your platonic relationships. When you’re more self-aware, you’re able to recognize your own emotions, needs, and boundaries, allowing you to communicate more mindfully with others.





Microdosing and Improving Romantic Relationships

Microdosing can also improve your romantic relationships in several ways. Microdosing can promote feelings of empathy, increase intimacy, deepen connections, and reduce anxiety, all of which can help enhance romantic relationships drastically.

One of the key benefits of microdosing in romantic relationships is the ability to increase feelings of empathy for your loved one. When you microdose, it allows you to better understand your partner’s emotions and needs. Increased empathy can lead to better communication, greater emotional intimacy and a more fulfilling connection.

This helpful practice can help increase intimacy, which is an essential component of any romantic relationship. Not to mention that microdosing can result in a boost of confidence, which can do wonders in the bedroom. Additionally, when you microdose, it can enhance sensory experiences, making physical touch and intimacy more pleasurable. Microdosing can also promote a sense of openness to vulnerability, which can lead to deeper emotional intimacy and a stronger bond with your partner. You can get closer mentally and physically with less resistance, which can sadly develop over a long-term romantic partnership.

Microdosing can also help deepen connections in romantic relationships. By reducing social anxiety and promoting feelings of connectedness and compassion, microdosing can help you and your partner feel more connected, even during difficult times. This can help foster a sense of mutual support and understanding in your relationship, making it easier to navigate conflicts and challenges together.

The ability to reduce anxiety is super helpful, which can be heightened in romantic relationships. Anxiety can create tension, leading to conflict and making it more difficult to connect with your partner and see eye to eye. This can assist you in approaching your relationship with a more relaxed and open mindset, leading to more positive interactions and a happier, healthier relationship.

Lastly, when you microdose, you can expect to feel better overall. You can feel more energized, more motivated, more passionate… more you. When we can do a lot of work on ourselves as individuals, we can show up as the best partners we can be. As they say, you cannot pour from an empty cup, which leads me to our next and last section.




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Microdosing and Improving Your Relationship with Yourself

One of the primary benefits of microdosing is its ability to increase self-awareness. When you are microdose, it can help you become more present and mindful, allowing you to better understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. You can step outside of yourself and take a better look. Increased self-awareness can lead to a greater understanding of your limitations, strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to set intentional goals and make meaningful changes in your life.

Microdosing can also aid in emotional healing. By promoting feelings of empathy and compassion, microdosing can help you develop a more positive relationship with yourself. Often, it can be a lot easier to show others compassion than it can be to show ourselves the same compassion. You can become more accepting and understanding of your past experiences, and identify and heal any negative patterns. It can help you in fostering a greater sense of self-love and self-acceptance.

Furthermore, microdosing can increase creativity. Humans are meant to be creative… it is in our nature! By enhancing your ability to think outside the box and generate fresh perspectives, microdosing can help you tap into your inner creativity, providing a pathway for self-expression and self-exploration. This creativity can lead to a better sense of purpose and fulfilment in your life. Additionally, some studies suggest that being in a creative state is good for mental health. Feel your best and express yourself creatively and authentically will help you feel more light and fulfilled!

Lastly, microdosing has been shown to increase well-being and happiness. Microdosing can boost serotonin production, the chemical responsible for regulating mood and overall well-being. By promoting increased feelings of happiness and contentment, microdosing can help you feel more satisfied and fulfilled, ultimately leading to a stronger relationship with yourself. This is your true state of being that everyone deserves to experience.

It is important to note that microdosing is not a silver bullet and intervention through self-help resources, therapy, or medical help may be necessary in some cases. However, microdosing can be an effective tool for improved self-awareness and self-healing.


Final Thoughts

Taking microdoses a few times a week can be a powerful tool for enhancing relationships with others and ourselves. When we curate a healthy relationship with ourselves, our other relationships benefit. However, it’s important to remember that true growth and transformation happen outside of the microdose. It’s the daily habits, efforts and support systems that we establish consistently that truly shape our relationships and our lives.

We are tribal beings. It’s crucial to prioritize our relationships and make an effort to foster genuine connections with those around us. Whether it’s through communication, empathy or establishing boundaries, each relationship requires a unique approach. And ultimately, it’s up to us to do the work, to continually show up, and to strive for growth and connection.

Remember, relationships are the core of our existence, and investing in them can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. So let us continue to prioritize our connections, celebrate the little moments of joy, and never stop growing and transforming, both within and outside of our microdoses.




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