Mind Enhancement Methods: Ways To Improve Your Life


If you take a step back and look at the relationship you have with your mind, what would you see? Do you enjoy being inside of your head?

People come and go, but who will you spend the most amount of time with when all is said and done? The answer is yourself. You will never spend as much time with anyone as you do with yourself. That is why creating a healthy and happy internal environment is essential. So many of us spend so much time battling our own minds. If you do not find peace within your own head, you will never be able to be at peace with the world around you. As cheesy as it may sound, you know it’s true!

Creating a safe and positive space in your head is necessary for many reasons. Of course, mental health is one of them. But what about all the other areas that would benefit from enhancing your mind as well? All of these things correlate with one another. Let’s discuss how you can enhance your mind/brain function(s) and how that inevitably leaks out into the rest of your life, resulting in an improved life overall

Enhancing Your Mind: Making Things Easier On Yourself

So- how is enhancing your brain function seen as a form of self-care, and what are the benefits that you can reap out of this? There are many ways you can enhance your brain and its functions naturally and ‘unnaturally’. A lot of the time, it is seen as a bad thing when we achieve goals with ‘unnatural’ methods such as supplements, for example. Although I strongly believe in the power of natural remedies, I also believe that things such as supplements hold great benefits to us and our mental/physical well-being. Of course, to rely on supplements would be silly. However, I think using them as a tool for improvement is good and logical practice.

When we focus on enhancing our brain/mind, our lives often become easier. When your brain is performing at its peak, everything else seems to run more smoothly. In my opinion, most things come down to mind-state and where you are mentally. Or perhaps, I may be biased due to my dedication to optimizing my performance and making my life better for myself.

I am a young entrepreneur, which means I naturally have big goals in life. To reach my goals, I believe in continuously striving to better myself each and every day. Here is how I am currently working on enhancing my mind and life, and how you can as well.

How To Enhance Your Mind

Like I stated above, natural and ‘unnatural’ remedies both have their time and place. I understand specific natural practices have been proven to help many individuals improve their resting mind-state. Because of this, I have taken on many practices in an attempt to upgrade my mind/life with natural remedies

Here are a few ways you can naturally boost your brain, which will most likely result in various improvements in other aspects of your life:

I believe each of these practices hold various benefits for both the mind and body. Some may benefit your mind more than your body, vice versa. I also know that you may be wondering:

– ‘but why do I need to take care of my body in order to enhance my mind?’

Taking proper care of your physical body undeniably will benefit your mental health/state. I think one of the most important ways to keep your mental health in check is by looking after your physical body. This can be achieved by many things. A very important tip I have for you is always listening to your body and put effort into staying in-tune with your physical self. I believe that when your body suffers, your mind suffers as well. As above- so below

Creating order/routine is a fantastic way to revamp your life. You owe it to yourself. Remember that these things are all about perspective. Instead of thinking to yourself

– ‘I feel so lazy, I really don’t feel like cleaning my room’.

Instead, try saying

– ‘I deserve to relax in a clean space. I will feel more relaxed anyway if my room has been tidied!’.

This will hopefully create some positive self-motivation/discipline that will make you get up and clean your room. Instead of feeling lazy and hanging out in your messy room, you can feel more accomplished and relaxed whilst you hang out in your now very clean room! Plus, it is something you won’t have to deal with tomorrow.

When we check our thoughts and actively reroute them, a miraculous change takes place in the brain, making your thought process more likely to steer in such a direction next time.

Say it with me!

– ‘Repetition rewires the brain. Repetition rewires the brain. Repetition rewires the brain,…’

Just as much as I believe in the power of the little list I made for you above, I also believe in the power of brain-boosting supplements. It’s all about balance, right?! Here is a short list of 3 of my favourite mind-enhancing supplements that I take and urge you to add to your supplements stack:

I know taking supplements still has negative notations attached, for whatever reason…

However, science is backing me on this one, and that is the only reason why I feel the need/right to share this information with you. Here is what I find from taking these impactful mind-enhancing supplements.

Let’s start with Lions Mane Mushroom. As time goes on, we are only learning more and more about mushrooms and what they can do for us. As of right now, Lions Mane is possibly one of the most popular nootropics/brain supplements- and for good reason. Not to mention, this mushroom also increases tissue glycogen content, which in return helps the body produce energy more quickly.

The nice thing about taking Lion’s Mane Mushroom instead of other energy boosters, like coffee, is you get a more natural flow of energy without the jitters and crash of other stimulants on the market. If you are looking for a brain-booster to help your mind in all the right ways, look no further! This non-psychoactive mushroom holds many brain-boosting benefits anyone can reap. Here are just a few:

  • Can Increase Focus
  • Can Enhance Cognitive Function
  • Neural Protective
  • Can Improve Memory
  • Naturally Produce More Energy

Let’s move onto Ashwagandha. This ancient root holds many benefits for the mind as well. Ashwagandha is known to relax the mind without any psychoactive properties. This is a great supplement for anyone looking to balance out their mood and give way for a more controlled thought process.

This supplement will not relax you in the same way a prescribed sleeping pill will, meaning you can take it in the morning and still function superbly, but symptoms of stress and/or anxiety can dissolve. It is just a great way to balance out your mind and emotions, resulting in a more positive life. Here are a few key benefits you can find when supplementing Ashwagandha:

  • Can Reduces Depression Symptoms
  • Can Relieve Anxiety
  • Natural Relaxant
  • Calming Properties
Lastly, let’s discuss Noopept and its fantastic properties. This powdery substance is great for anyone looking to optimize performance levels. This is particularly good for students or those with careers that require high amounts of focus. This supplement can help you increase productivity and concentration at an exceptional rate. This is becoming more well known in the world of nootropics. Let’s look at a few of its benefits:
  • Boosts Nerve Growth
  • Increased Focus
  • Lowers Anxiety Levels
  • Promotes Neuroplasticity

Please note that none of the supplements above are addictive and have next to no negative side-effects. This is why I deem these supplements a safe and effective way to improve brain function.

Although I vow to these three nootropic supplements, I also have one more supplement to discuss. However, I wish to discuss this particular supplement in greater detail than the ones above as I have personally found it to be the most effective one. Let’s move onto our last section, and perhaps the most interesting one: psychedelic microdosing

Mind Enhancement Via Psychedelics

Journey 1P
Okay, I know I said that my list was only going to have my favourite 3 supplements on it, but I am going to add one more. I am definitely saving the best for last with this one as it is my favourite brain supplement of them all.
It is a psychedelic microdosing supplement isknown as ‘Journey– with 1PD. For those of you who do not know, Microdosing is the act of ingesting a micro-amount of a psychedelic substance. This micro-amount is non-psychoactive, meaning you will not get ‘high’. There are many great benefits that have been found from psychedelics, including tiny amounts such as microdoses. I have been following my own microdosing schedule (which has changed more than a few times) for years now with this product. This by far has been the most life-changing supplements I have ever taken.
I originally took it as a last resort type of ordeal when I was battling severe depression in the year 2017. I had previously heard of microdosing and the reports of it helping many other individuals in relieving depression symptoms. I honestly didn’t think it would do much. I felt so horrible every day and the weight of existence was so heavy.
 ‘How on earth could a tiny micro-amount of a psychedelic substance actually work as a tool against depression?’
Wow, was I ever wrong. Taking Journey-with 1PD literally changed my life. I went into it with low hopes that it would help me feel a little better, as I did with everything I was trying at the time. I came out on the other side as a changed woman with a wide range of benefits I didn’t expect. Not only did Journey-with 1PD help me pull myself out of a very raw depression, but it also helped me enhance my brain function in many ways. I know that microdosing helps different individuals in different ways. However, here is a list of what I have personally found from microdosing psychedelics:
  • Reduced Depression/Anxiety Symptoms
  • No More Daily Brain Fog
  • Increased Focus/Concentration
  • Motivation & Inspiration
  • Boost In Confidence
  • Neuroplastistic Functions Increased
  • Productivity/Cognitive Function Spikes

I know, I know… The list above is a lot to state. Although it may seem a bit exaggerated, I promise you it is not. Obviously, all you can do is take my word for it, but these are the amazing benefits that I have been blessed enough to gain from microdosing. From reading the list, you will probably notice a lot of these benefits have to do with brain function.

There is a serious pattern going on here! This has not only affected my mental health, but also my career. I went my whole life thinking I wasn’t deserving of making lots of money and that I wasn’t ‘good enough’ to be my own boss. Thanks to microdosing, other brain supplements, and natural mind-enhancing methods, I know that was all bullsh*t and I can finally get started with my life. It is time to take action and move on from old ways. The same goes for you.

I can go on about microdosing to anyone I meet that will listen, only because it has changed my life so dramatically for the better. I am not going to sit here and tell you that microdosing will do the same for you. You may only gain one noticeable benefit, or you may gain a similar amount of benefits but all completely unique to you and your microdosing experience.

Although I understand this is a huge statement, I say it with great confidence: Any healthy adult that can legally try microdosing SHOULD. Out of all the mind-enhancing supplements I have tried throughout my life, this is the one that has left the most impact. Microdosing has changed my life forever. For that, I am grateful!

Final Thoughts

Take from this article what you will. Even if you never try any of the supplements/methods I have mentioned, I hope I have inspired you in some way, shape or form to expand your mind and push its great abilities. Consciousness is a gift and since it is such a mystery, there is a lot we can experiment with. The fact that we know so little about our own brains is both inspiring and terrifying.

Optimizing your brain and constantly improving the space in your head is something you will never regret, I promise. After all, mental health begins with brain health.

I suggest you take some time out of your day to analyze how much effort you put into revamping, rebuilding, and/or rewiring your brain. Perhaps it is time to introduce some new practices, or supplements, into your life. One of the most exciting parts of the human brain is its ability to grow, change, and adapt. Your brain is a sponge, feed it every day and never push aside a chance to learn something new. Your brain is a muscle and needs exercise, just like all the other muscles in your body.

There has never been a better time to be a better you.


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