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Psychedelic Artists of the 21st Century

Stepping into the world of psychedelics opens you up to a wealth of opportunities to engage with art and music in new ways. Whether you’ve decided to experiment with the unique benefits offered by microdosing, or you prefer to go all out with some magic truffles, you’ll find that listening to a psychedelic artist’s music or viewing their artwork opens up channels in your mind that you might not have thought existed.

It’s hard to say exactly which enhances the other more. Some psychonauts will say that they appreciate art and music in a new way when they are on a trip— while others will tell you that the right music or art can take your visionary experience to an entirely new level.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum of belief, you’ll find that exploring the unique minds of artists from the 21st century gives you a greater appreciation for the world of psychedelics.

Experience How an Artist’s Psychedelic Music Influences Your Trip

The ‘60s definitely stand out as one of the most influential decades for psychedelic music. Whether you went to Woodstock or weren’t born yet, there is no doubt that some of the best music to listen to while you are expanding your mind on a psychedelic trip comes from this special time in the music industry’s history.

While the ‘60s were notable for the rapid creation of trippy music, you can also find modern artists that help you to relax and zone out as you enjoy your favourite type of magic truffles.

Music and tripping tend to go together like peanut butter and chocolate, and there is no denying that using psychedelics helps you to feel each rhythm, note and nuance of a song in a whole new way. Here’s a few of the best psychedelic albums to help you get started on planning your next trip’s playlist:

  • The Pretty Things-S.F. Sorrow
  • Yardbirds-Roger the Engineer
  • The 13th Floor Elevators-The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators
  • Syd Barrett-The Madcap Laughs
  • Grateful Dead-Live/Dead
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Electric Ladyland

Expand Your Mind with Art

You’ll definitely want to enjoy your first experiences with magic truffles within a safe place such as your home or with an experienced guide. While this might knock out the opportunity to go to a museum, you can check out artwork online or a book of collected works.

Either way, viewing art that stems from hallucinatory experiences helps you to jumpstart your brain’s creativity. The following artists are all well-known among people in the psychedelic community who enjoy using psychoactive plants to open up their minds, and you’re guaranteed to discover a few go-to sources for inspiration on your trips.

Check out Tokio Aoyama’s Japanese Psych Pop Art

Tokio Aoyama’s art fuses spiritualism with elements of classic pop art to create unique murals and album covers that make it easier to see the world from a different perspective.

tokio aoyama

He chooses soothing shades of green and blue that that bring hip hop scenes to life while incorporating psychedelic undertones. The level of detail in his works of art invites you to stare for hours as you enjoy the effects of magic truffles.

Step into a Strange New World with Mario Martinez’s Extra-terrestrial Landscapes

Also known as Mars-1, Mario Martinez takes his inspiration from street art, surrealism and abstract impressionism. His paintings are composed of floating orbs, geometric designs and colourful light effects that tantalize your eyes as they expand your mind.


Viewing his paintings brings you into the strange extra-terrestrial worlds that he creates while bringing up the question of what possibilities truly exist outside of the confines of your mind.

Question the Reality of Normal with David Normal’s Visionary Art

A self-professed user of psychedelics himself, David Normal taps into the beauty that comes from allowing your mind to embrace its hallucinations. Normal describes his art as coming from intuitive, magical knowledge that he gains from diving deeper into his visions where he explores distant planets and meets with spiritual guides.

david normal

His work has been displayed at Burning Man and shown all over the world. In addition to his oil paintings, he does installations that play with the elements of light and colour.

View Humankind from the Perspective of the Legendary Alex Grey

Alex Grey has spent years perfecting his ability to capture the essence of the divine nature of humans in his art, and he is mostly known for his life-size series of paintings that are known as Sacred Mirrors.


Grey’s work encompasses a wide range of mediums that include sculptures, performances and tattoos. Delving into his work gives you a greater understanding of one of the biggest influences in the world of psychedelia while offering you an endless array of art to take in as you continue to expand your mind with microdosing.

Share in Pablo Amaringo’s Hallucinatory Visions

Amaringo is a Peruvian artist who openly talked about the hallucinations that he experienced while drinking the plant brew Ayahuasca. When he was first discovered, he was serving as a practitioner of the Shaman mestizo tradition of healing. At the time, he was trying to sell his paintings without much success to tourists who visited his homeland.

By sheer chance, he met Dennis McKenna and Luis Eduardo Luna, both of which are influential people in the field of psychopharmacology and ethnobiology. They recommended that he create paintings of his hallucinations, which led to the artwork that you can see today. Amaringo’s paintings feel like you are peering into a parallel world with magical creatures that are here to share with you the deeper knowledge of the universe.

Takeaways for Psychonauts

The transformative powers of music, art and microdosing have tremendous benefits for your wellbeing. Being able to temporarily set aside all of the worries that exist from your daily life help you to develop a better mind-set that will carry into your career and personal relationships.

Adding art and music to your experience helps you to tap into some of the most brilliant minds of our generation while delving deeper into your own. Now, all you have to do is relax and find the perfect product to help you enjoy a transformative experience that blends art with bliss.



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