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How to Optimize your Microdoses to the Fullest

  Microdosing is a growing practice that is taking the Globe by storm! This is a method that can improve multiple brain functions. Some include but are not limited to creativity, cognitive function, neuroplasticity, mood, focus, memory, etc. Essentially, microdosing is the act of ingesting a tiny amount of a psychedelic substance to enhance one’s […]

Treating Anxiety with Microdosing

  Anxiety can be a slippery slope. This condition appears to be on the rise and is becoming more and more common. This common yet crippling condition can get in the way of every day doings. From things as big as being chronically anxious in the workplace to things as small as being too anxious […]

Methods for Dissolving Brain Fog

  If you’re anything like me, you know the struggle of daily ‘‘brain fog’’. It’s like that fog has just rolled in and suddenly you’re lost in a sea of confusion and the only thing on your mind is your bed. You know you have things to do but it’s like your brain just won’t […]

Therapeutic Benefits of Psilocybin

  Psilocybin is a mushroom-derived compound with a long history of use in traditional rituals, spiritual ceremonies and has been used as a medicine in many cultures throughout human history. It has recently gained attention as a potential therapeutic agent for individuals all over the Globe. The effects of psilocybin are often described as profound, […]

How Microdosing Can Improve Your Sleep Quality

  If you are reading this, then welcome to the microdosing rabbit hole! When it comes to this practice, the benefits are endless. Microdosing may not directly improve one’s sleep, however, a few of its most common benefits may be able to. In this article, we will be going over what happens when we don’t […]

The Largest Microdosing Study in History by Paul Stamets

Another Stamets blog. Are you really that surprised? At Journey, we really cannot get enough of this walking legend! Public speaker, researcher, climate change activist, author, husband, father and friend to the growing community of mycologists. The list only goes on! He has done a phenomenal job translating his academia to public awareness on a […]

Does microdosing actually promote anti-ageing?

Microdosing is taking small amounts of a substance, usually a psychedelic like LSD. However, it doesn’t have to be LSD—plenty of substances in the Lysergamide family work for microdosing. Using magic mushrooms is also a popular microdosing option! Thanks to the work of researchers, we know microdosing psychedelics can be beneficial. And, of course, we […]

Microdosing and Silicon Valley: Why Microdosing Is the Norm In Silicon Valley

microdosing in sillicon valey

Microdosing and Silicon Valley? Those unfamiliar with microdosing may find that the term conjures up images of mushroom-munching hippies with long hair. However, microdosing has become an important tool for boosting performance and creativity in many professional pursuits. The architects of Silicon Valley might be the polar opposite of the typical groups associated with psychedelics: […]

Start Your Day Right With an Optimized Morning Routine

morning routine waking

Life can be crazy and hectic. Sometimes, this is out of our control. Other times, the craziness of a fast-paced lifestyle can be minimized by simple additions to your daily routines. We all have the tools needed to decrease stress in our lives, yet many of us tell ourselves our chronic stress is a hopeless […]

The Basics of Neuroplasticity

neuroplasticity brain

Children have an amazing capacity to learn, and their brains seem to absorb information the way a sponge absorbs water. Language is a perfect example, as children are able to pick it up without even trying. A baby only recognises a handful of words, but a 5-year-old child can recognise and use more than 10,000 […]