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Ginger Capsule – 500mg Gingerol

Gingerol has been the subject of extensive scientific studies that have highlighted the potential health benefits of the phenolic compound in the case of a variety of ailments that may even include cancer, infectious diseases, and disorders of the immune system.

Our Gingerol extract supplement is naturally derived and vegan friendly and can help promote the overall health of the body. This supplement may also support immune system health, mental health, digestion, and provides symptomatic relief from many health conditions.

It also helps relieve nausea and other symptoms that may arise from the use of other natural supplements and compounds that individuals may be consuming for various purposes.



Ginger is a root that has been in use for centuries by various cultures across the world. It is widely treasured for its health benefits and ‘healing’ properties and forms a significant part of ethnomedicine across the globe!

At Synergy Trading, we have extracted, purified, and perfected the main active compound of the ginger root – Gingerol!

Our Ginger capsules contain natural, plant-derived, and vegan-friendly gingerol that helps provide symptomatic relief from many ailments and delivers natural health benefits to the body.

Our ginger capsules may boost immunity, improve digestion, and help cure symptoms such as nausea, headaches, and other inconveniences naturally and conveniently.

Product Highlights

  • Natural Health Benefits
  • May Boost Immunity
  • May Improve Digestion
  • May Promote Mental and Physical Functioning
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Helps   Relieve Nausea and Vertigo Symptoms
  • Perfect for Pairing with Other Natural Supplements

Product Benefits

Holistic Health Benefits

Our ginger root extract helps promote the natural health of the mind and body and delivers a host of benefits. According to the latest research, ginger root has been beneficial for improving the function of the immune system, the digestive system, and mental/physical performance. The ginger root extract also provides symptomatic relief from nausea, vertigo, vomiting, and other flu-like symptoms through natural pathways combined with the natural channels of the human body. It is even known to decrease and/or prevent car sickness!

Natural Immune and Digestion Booster

Ginger root is known to be beneficial for the promotion of digestion. It improves the absorption of nutrients from the food we consume, allowing the body to derive more energy and vital components from our diet. The ginger extract also boosts the body’s immune system by strengthening the cellular components, which discourages infections and other diseases from developing.

Helps Relieve Symptoms

Ginger root is best known for the symptomatic relief it provides from issues such as nausea, vomiting, vertigo, headaches, and other such problems. Ginger root also holds anti-inflammatory properties, helping minimize or prevent infections. It can be highly beneficial when paired with other natural supplements to remove symptoms associated with the intake of supplements and medicines.

May Provide Additional Relief

According to research, ginger root may also be beneficial for the relief if symptoms in more severe health conditions. It has been shown to improve the prognosis of diseases such as cancer and lymphoma anaemia, and other physical and mental conditions.

Ingredients: This product contains 60 pills. Each pill contains 500 mg of Ginger Powder Extract.

1 review for Ginger Capsule – 500mg Gingerol

  1. Linda

    I love these for road trips. They are really handy to keep in my car considering how often I get car sick. Great for minimizing any general nausea as well!

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