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Microdosing for Free Spirits

Most of us want to live a life full of health, happiness, and freedom. Aside from all of the specific ways that taking micro-amounts of psychedelics can improve your work and personal life, it is a great tool for achieving a consistent sense of well-being. It is easy to let your mental health slip even when you are trying (what feels like) your hardest to remain positive and treat yourself with kindness. Sometimes, despite it all, life can very simply be hard on us.

We choose the path we take in life and have the ability to create our own reality. This is our superpower as humans! Every choice we make is up to us. Many of us are imprisoned in the illusion that we have a set destiny or fate that is beyond our own power. However, we believe this is total Bullsh*t. You have the power to do and say whatever you want and go wherever you want. This is your life and you are in control!

We can take lots of steps to better our mental health, yet it can still feel rather hopeless at times. There is nothing wrong with needing a little bit of help here and there along the way. One tool that many Free Spirits like yourself are using in their life’s Journey is microdosing. We are going to break down a few different benefits of microdosing that may help you keep your spirit free and enjoy the little things along the way. Here are the different ways that microdosing can help you:

Stop & Smell The Flowers

When we stop and ‘smell the flowers’ we become mindful of the beauty that is found in the ‘regular’. Being able to shut out the chaos of the world and notice the small things will likely bring you a lot of peace. We can receive a lot of big messages from the smallest of things. This could simply be practiced by exercising/highlighting the joy that something as small as your cup of tea brings you, or the colour of the sky before the sun says goodbye for the day. Considering we are creatures of habit, you will eventually begin to naturally notice the magnificence in the smaller details of daily life.

Expanding Imagination

Stay in touch with your inner child. Find a balance in this busy life and always make time for both work and play. Getting your brain used to thinking about things with a creative approach can be very healing for the soul. Find a creative outlet and thrive via expression! Whether that be movement, music, or any type of creation. Creativity is a medicine that is free and accessible to anyone at any time. Push the limits of imagination and frolic along the landscapes of your mind. Art comes in all forms and is always meaningful. Get up and do what you were meant to do-create!

Magic & Life’s Beauty

free spirit

Existence offers us a sometimes overwhelming amount of ‘magic’ and beauty. Staying in touch with the beauty of the world and the wonders of the cosmos will leave you feeling more fulfilled and your love for life will only expand. When we see the beauty in the darkness or see the ‘silver lining’, it provides a different approach to a situation, making it more effortless to see something for what it is rather than how it makes us feel. This can be extremely impactful. When we find a balance and remind ourselves of the beauty of existence and the lessons we learn, our understanding of life and our placement on Earth becomes more clear. This will ripple out into the rest of your life in a positive matter!

Wellness & Wellbeing

Practicing wellness is so important for us Free Spirits. Wellbeing is the state of being healthy, happy, and comfortable/content. Life without wellbeing is surviving while life with wellbeing is thriving. Life is too short to not focus on our wellbeing. This is something that we believe should be one of our top priorities. When we focus on and reach wellbeing, the world around us becomes brighter and day-to-day life becomes better and better. Do you prioritize wellbeing? Do you put aside time to check in with yourself and make sure you are taking care of your mind, body, and soul? If not, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate your state of wellbeing. Reflection creates momentum! 

Deeper Connections

Creating and cherishing deep connections with other like-minded people is essential. In many ways, you will become those who you surround yourself with. Choosing your circle is critical and must be done wisely. Your circle will change as time goes on, this is one of the many natural cycles of life. That being said, developing a deep connection with another individual and keeping it for many years is something very special. Make sure you only make space for those connections that hold positive intentions with you and are there to see you grow, evolve, and blossom. Opening up to others and sharing a vulnerable space should not be feared, as long as you are doing it with the right soul. You can learn a lot about yourself by getting to know others.

Heightened Senses

One of the helpful gifts humans have received from nature is our 5 senses. Unfortunately, many of us take these senses for granted and don’t even think about them on a day-to-day basis. When we can successfully heighten our senses and use them to their fullest potential, our overall experience in life will host a lot more substance and beauty. Expanding and pushing the limits of our senses can also result in feeling more centered, focused, and aligned as we Journey down our unique path in life. Experiencing our senses to the fullest is one of the most effective ways to increase your lucidity as a human. Embrace your senses!

Happy Brain = Happy Life

supplements for free spirits

Our consciousness lies within our physical brains. We can thank our brains for creating all the sorrow, ecstasy, and everything that shapes who we are. This is where all of our memories are stored and all of our thoughts are manifested. All of our emotions are due to the chemicals in our brain. Our consciousness may be the single most sacred gift from nature. Making sure that our brains are functioning in an optimal state will make our lives a lot easier. Improving our general brain health is one of those things that will trickle out into all other aspects of our life. Remaining mindful of our brain and it’s physical and neural health will promote a more positive overall experience. A happy brain equals a happy life.


Freedom – The right or power to speak, act, and/or think as we wish. Something that many of us think is unreachable. One terrifying and also exhilarating aspect of life is that we are given the choice of infinite paths to go down. Always remember that this is your journey and you are the dictator of your path in life. Taking charge and accountability of your own words, actions, and thoughts will set you free. Acknowledge the power you hold and receive an abundance of confidence! Make space for things that make you feel free. Dance, love, and feel to your greatest abilities!

So, these are some key points that the Free Spirit can significantly benefit from. But what does this have to do with microdosing? The list you see above is a collective of different benefits you may reap when using microdosing as a tool. When we microdose, our lives become enhanced and many realizations surface. We can return to our roots and the feeling of being truly alive. We can see the bigger picture with greater clarity and can carry on our Journey in life with grace.

Try microdosing today and it may help you reach your fullest potential in this crazy thing called life. Taking tiny amounts of psychedelics a few times a week can go a long way. Always strive to live your best life in your three homes; the mind, the body, the spirit. Life is full of lessons and we are all just students at the end of the day. The biggest and most important project you will ever work on is yourself.

The world needs you to spread your light. Are you getting the most out of your Journey in life? Are you ready to take your experience on Earth to the next level? Are you ready to accept and absorb all the beautiful things the world has to offer you? Are you ready to look deep within and be free?


With ALL the love & light,



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