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Microdosing Retreats Around The Globe

microdosing retreat

Microdosing retreats around the globe vary from country to country. While there are undoubtedly some sketchy retreats, finding bad reviews or questionable-looking websites helps you avoid them in your search. As far as reputable microdosing retreats go, there is no good or bad. It’s all a matter of preference.

You can find microdosing retreats tailored to women or specifically LGBTQ+ friendly. Most offer vegan and vegetarian-friendly food, but some only provide that. Some microdosing retreats around the globe want you to discover your spiritual self and awaken your inner world. Others consider that “woo” and instead use Western psychology and medicine to approach the microdosing experience.

What’s fantastic about microdosing retreats around the globe is you don’t have to pick one. You can cater to your tastes or get out of your comfort zone. You can find a retreat specializing in microdosing or one offering both micro and full dose ceremonies. Your options are endless so let’s dive into what some of the best microdosing retreats around the globe look like.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is taking a small amount of a psychedelic, although one isn’t limited to psychedelics.

For example, suppose you have seasonal allergies and take an antihistamine for a runny nose. In that case, you could microdose it by taking half the dose. This might not work for some. But for others with milder allergies (and sensitivity to the drowsiness antihistamines cause), microdosing allergy medication is a sensible solution.

Likewise, not everyone wants to feel the effects of LSD or psilocybin “magic” mushrooms. That’s where microdosing comes in. Taking five mcg of LSD compared to 150 mcg is like dipping your finger into a cup of coffee for your morning caffeine fix.

Five mcg of LSD won’t have you in the fetal position somewhere, hallucinating your worst fears. But it also won’t send you sky-high full of feelings of euphoria and oneness. Instead, it’ll have you feeling more focused, well-off, creative, motivated and productive.

Microdosing provides many of the same positive health benefits larger doses of psychedelics have. When you microdose, your overall cognitive function improves. The brain forms new neural pathways. That’s partly why microdosing retreats around the globe are so unique. They’re not always your typical retreat!

What is a Microdosing Retreat?

Microdosing retreats around the globe vary from place to place. But in general, they provide peace and quiet, privacy and seclusion from the outside world and, sometimes, even solitude from others at the retreat.

Other retreats are more group-based. Regardless, a microdosing retreat is like a vacation that engages the mind and body. They are sanctuaries from the modern world. A lot of microdosing retreats offer yoga and meditation classes. Many provide plant-based vegan-friendly meals as well.

A microdosing retreat can be a spiritual experience where you connect with your inner self and the world around you. Or it can be more like medical detox, where you’re there to heal and remove temptation from your daily life. Where microdosing is part of the treatment.

Some microdosing retreats highlight full dose and microdosing ceremonies. Others highlight other aspects of the retreat, with microdosing being one of many services offered.

Microdosing Retreats Around The Globe: North America


alberta canada

The Sentinel offers guests various ceremonies and retreats, including plant-based medicine retreats. Located less than an hour’s drive north of Nelson, British Columbia, this retreat specializes in the Wim Hof Method. This method focuses on breathwork, movement sessions, and ice baths!

For those looking for a more spiritual retreat than medical detox, the Sentinel has you covered. They claim to help activate your “inner technology,” and apply ancient wisdom with modern science to help evolve us from homo-sapiens to homo luminous.


mexico maya ruins

The Cosmic Serpent in Mexico offers microdosing ceremonies as part of their Essence of Venus Day Retreat. They have a cacao ceremony and infuse it into a movement class (called Medusa Movement). This retreat provides yin yoga, meditation, and a vegan rainbow lunch. Tailored toward women, The Cosmic Serpent offers different retreats that aim to foster a deeper connection to yourself, others, and the cosmos.

Campfires, live music, sound baths, and waterfall hikes are also available. Unlike many retreats where travel is the customer’s responsibility, The Cosmic Serpent offers pick-up in Mexico City.

Microdosing Retreats Around The Globe: Central America & The Caribbean

Costa Rica

costa rica billed toucan

The Journey Home is more than a “how-to” guide and retreat. They provide one-on-one integration coaching through two microdosing psilocybin cycles (60 days) and private retreat options that include two full psychedelic experiences. This retreat is located in Costa Rica and is designed for those battling depression, anxiety, or trauma.


jamaica beach

The Silo Wellness in Jamaica offers both full and microdoses, depending on your individual needs. As well as one-on-one psychedelic coaching, the retreat provides daily meditation, yoga, and meal-planning workshops. Each session is limited to 15 participants and tailored toward women and the LGBTQ+ community.

Microdosing Retreats Around The Globe: Europe


netherlands weekend

Located in Venlo, Netherlands, The Shift Retreat offers both full dose and microdose psilocybin experiences. But they also provide intimate group settings and have experienced therapists on staff. Part mystical, part medical, the Shift offers complete spiritual transformation. Unlike other retreats, they don’t think of themselves as a “pause” in modern life where one can go to relax. For them, The Shift Retreat is a healing centre where you learn to transcend the self and move on toward a more fulfilling life.


Portugal Torre De Belem

The Trinity Detox Retreat focuses on removing toxins from your system through daily microdosing, yoga, meditation, and a diet of smoothies & juices. However, they do emphasize, “There will always be a supply of Fresh Organic Veggies and Fruits to Nibble on should you need further sustenance.”

Located on a private 40-hectare estate tucked away in the Portuguese countryside, there’s no noise or light pollution. There’s also no cell service or wifi. This place is ideal for local Europeans wanting to try a microdosing retreat and reconnect with nature but without the costs and other hassles that come from flying overseas.

In Summary

Microdosing retreats around the globe vary from place to place. They can range from small-scale adventures where microdosing is just one of the many things you can experience. To retreats where microdosing is the experience. Some take on a more medical/healing clinic feel. In contrast, others embrace the mystical side of life and focus on cultivating our inner power.

There is no good or bad microdosing retreat – it’s all about what works for you. Many retreats are vegan-friendly, but maybe you desire meat on the menu. Perhaps you’re not interested in “new age” mystical retreats and prefer a microdosing retreat based on Western science and psychology. Whichever you choose, there’s a microdosing retreat out there waiting for you!

Want to start your microdosing journey? Click here!



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